The city of Mersin is located in southern Turkey, and the locals call it the

Learn with us about the Turkish city of Mersin:

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The city of Mersin is located in southern Turkey, and the locals call it the "Pearl of the White Sea.

Learn with us about the Turkish city of Mersin:

The city of Mersin is located in southern Turkey, and the locals call it the "Pearl of the Mediterranean", as it overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is famous for its port, which is one of the largest ports in Turkey . Part of it, including the Seleucids, Greeks, Persians, Assyrians, Greeks, Ptolemies and Macedonians, Mersin bore the name Zephyron in the ancient Greek period.

Historical overview:

The Turkish city of Mersin was considered a center for several civilizations, and with successive years, and in 1473 the Ottomans took control of it and Sultan Selim I officially annexed it in 1517 to rule the Ottoman Empire, and in 1918 it was occupied by France and Britain according to the Treaty of Severus, and the Turkish army was able to restore it in 1820, Mersin Province was created in 1924 and merged with Isil Province to form the Greater Mersin Province.

general information:

The city of Mersin occupies the tenth place among the Turkish cities in terms of population, with an estimated population in the latest statistics of about 1,727,255 people. The city is famous for its streets full of tall palm trees, parks, cafes and restaurants overlooking the sea. Its beach is the longest in Turkey, and it includes the second tallest skyscraper in the country, the 52-storey Mertim Tower. This tower was the tallest in Turkey for 13 years until the tallest Benkasi Tower in Istanbul was built.

In the city of Mersin, there are many modern urban facilities such as the Opera House, huge hotels, and luxury modern real estate overlooking the sea, in addition to the Mersin Forum, which is the largest shopping center in the city and includes more than 100 stores. The municipality of Mersin organizes many annual events and festivals that attract local and foreign tourists, as a music festival was established in Mersin in 2001 and is held annually in October, and in 2013 Mersin hosted the Mediterranean Games, so a new sports stadium was built, and football matches were also hosted. Men's basketball and the World Cup finals in volleyball and athletics.

Weather and tourism in Mersin:

Mersin is characterized by its mild and moderate climate, as it is warm and moderately cold in winter, hot and dry in summer, and the percentage of precipitation in winter is at its highest levels. It is a destination for tourists in summer to enjoy the summer atmosphere suitable for swimming. It also includes the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey and attracts Arab investors who are interested in the Turkish real estate market and are looking for homes for sale in Turkey and villas in Turkey.

The most important tourist places in Mersin:

Mersin Coast: which is characterized by calm and purity, and includes many luxury and cheap hotels at the same time.

Tarsus Museum: It was established in 1971 AD, when the Turkish government collected historical monuments and monuments of the civilizations that settled in Mersin and placed them in the museum. The museum was named after the Tarsus mountain range that starts from Mersin and ends in Lebanon.

Mamoura Castle: It is a huge castle dating back to the Roman civilization. It was built with the aim of protecting the city from the sea. The castle represents a wonderful architectural model that shows the creativity of previous nations in construction and engineering.

Gosco River: It originates from the Tarsus Mountains and empties into the Mediterranean Sea. It is distinguished by its length as it passes all over the city.

The historical city of Kaintlis: Its construction dates back to the Roman civilization, and it includes an amphitheater, palaces, baths, rock-carved houses, and many monasteries that are found among the mountains.

Economy in Mersin:

The city of Mersin depends mainly in its economy on the port, which is an international trade center for ships heading towards Europe, with a capacity of about 6,000 ships annually, and includes 45 berths.

The city has a free zone established in 1986 AD and contains warehouses, shops, engineering, disassembly and assembly workshops, insurance and packaging companies, and exhibition facilities. Mersin is distinguished by its proximity to the main markets in North Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Russian Federation and Central Asia.

If you are visiting Turkey for tourism and recreation, or for the purpose of investment and you are interested in the real estate market in Turkey and are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul in particular and apartments in Turkey in general, we recommend that you visit the city of Mersin to spend a good time and learn about the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey and visit the archaeological sites in the city .

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