Turkey attracts Arab and foreign investors on a large scale, and their investment orientations vary, as … 0

The best types of real estate investment in Turkey

Date:Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Turkey attracts Arab and foreign investors on a large scale, and their investment orientations vary, as … 0

The best types of real estate investment in Turkey:

Turkey attracts Arab and foreign investors widely, and their investment orientations vary, as some of them go towards the industrial work sectors and others go towards trade, and many of them prefer the real estate market sector, and the investor's interest is focused in particular on Istanbul real estate and searches for apartments for sale in Istanbul in its Asian and European parts.

Istanbul real estate is characterized by its great diversity in terms of places and prices, where you can find central areas at high prices, and other residential areas with cheap and competitive real estate.

Istanbul real estate:

The real estate market in Istanbul is divided into three sections:

High-value real estate: These real estate are located in the central areas of the city and are often characterized by a view of the Bosphorus, and their high prices lie in the fact that they are areas where archaeological and touristic places are located, in addition to being commercial centers in Istanbul. An example of this is the area (Sisli, Uskudar)

Medium-value properties: You can find these properties in vital and upscale places, but they are farther from the center and closer to Ataturk Airport and Istanbul's third airport. Such as (Kuchukcekmece, Basaksehir , Atakoy)

Cheap real estate: You can find cheap apartments in Istanbul in the new and developing areas, where all service facilities are available and features new buildings such as (Esenyurt, Beylikduzu , Bahcesehir )

When you buy an apartment in Istanbul , you must determine the budget available for purchase, and if your budget qualifies you to buy a cheap apartment in Istanbul, do not consider that your choice is wrong, because Istanbul real estate prices are always on the rise, so wherever you choose your apartment according to your budget, your choice will be right.


Types of real estate investment in Istanbul:

Real estate investment in Istanbul offers a variety of real estate opportunities, with a high profit return, and it is represented in several aspects, the most prominent of which are commercial real estate, office apartments, hotel apartments, and residential apartments.


Commercial real estate:

Buying shops in Istanbul is the most successful and safe type of real estate investment. This type of investment provides an annual profit return of up to 10% of the value of the property. The investor continues to obtain the profitable return by renting the shop for many years exceeding 20 years.

And according to the continuous rise in real estate prices in Istanbul in general and store prices in particular, the investor is guaranteed a safe and profitable investment in the long term.


Office and hotel apartments:

One of the most prominent properties that attract the interest of foreign investors are office apartments and hotel apartments in Istanbul , due to the high profitability they provide. These properties are characterized by the ease of renting and a long-term contract, because the tenant establishes an office and a headquarters for his work, and his residence will be prolonged in it for years so as not to lose his clients who are accustomed to the location of his headquarters.

We must point out to our clients who are about to buy apartments in Istanbul with a commercial office system, that they must choose a strategic location close to the transportation network, hotels and commercial centers, so that their investment will be successful.

In the event that the investor is heading towards hotel apartments, there are many construction companies that offer a rental guarantee with a distinct profit return, and the investor can manage his property through reliable real estate companies in Istanbul. We at FCC Real Estate Investment and Development Group offer the best hotel apartments in Istanbul with rental guarantee contracts for several years with excellent profitability.


Residential apartments:

If your goal of buying apartments in Istanbul is a long-term investment and you are looking for a high profit return, then you must make your choices according to the new developing areas in the city. After a few years, these areas will increase in price by more than 25% of the property price. You can also choose a location close to the new infrastructure projects that are under implementation, such as the Istanbul Water Canal project. The areas through which the canal passes will increase in prices at very high rates until the canal is ready.

You can buy apartments within projects under construction and resell the property after the completion of construction work, as this type of investment provides profitable returns exceeding 35%.

But if you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul for an investment that brings you a monthly profit through rent, you should focus on vital areas, closest to universities and shopping centers and where rapid transportation is available (metro, metro bus), these factors make the chances of renting an apartment faster. It provides a high profit return.

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