The real estate market in Turkey is a favorite destination for Arab and foreign investors, and the interest of the.

All you need to know about buying a property in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The real estate market in Turkey is a favorite destination for Arab and foreign investors, and the interest of the.

All you need to know about buying a property in Turkey:

The real estate market in Turkey is a favorite destination for Arab and foreign investors, and the investor's interest is focused on buying apartments in Istanbul as it is the economic center of the country. The real estate market in Istanbul is characterized by providing high profit returns, and it is an active and effective market. wide. Hundreds of modern residential and commercial projects with a modern urban style have been established.


If you are interested in buying a property in Turkey with the aim of investing or obtaining Turkish citizenship , you should know many important points related to the Turkish real estate market.

The most important factors that make your investment successful:

When you decide to enter the real estate market in any foreign country, you will encounter some concerns, and we at FCC Real Estate Group are interested in providing advice to the investor that would help him overcome his fears by introducing him to the steps that he must follow to ensure a successful and safe investment.

Therefore, you should take into account the choice of the city from which you will start your real estate investment, and we recommend that you buy apartments in Istanbul, as it is the most active city in the Turkish real estate market and it is the capital of tourism and economy in the country.

 After choosing the city, here are the most important factors on which the success of your choice and investment depends:

Property location:

When a foreign investor searches for apartments for sale in Istanbul , he must choose a strategic and vital location, from which all areas of the city can be reached through public transportation. The area in which a property is to be purchased must also be a serviced area where hospitals, universities, schools, shopping centers, and others are spread. In addition, the value of the region's profitability return over the past years, and the value of the annual increases, should be studied. The choice of location is the main factor that determines the success of your investment.

Study the price of real estate in the region :

When a foreigner decides to buy apartments in Turkey , he is unaware of the prices of the regions. Here, the investor will have to search and inquire about the price per square meter in the area in which he wants to buy the property, then calculate the total and net area of ​​​​the apartment and balance the price with the rest of the neighboring and similar real estate. We advise the next investor to buy apartments in Istanbul to communicate with real estate companies with a good reputation and extensive experience in the Turkish real estate market to take real estate advice and have extensive information about real estate prices in Istanbul.



Property specifications

Studying the foundations of the project is one of the most important steps that you have to take, as you must inquire about the quality of building materials and internal and external finishes such as sound insulation and thermal insulation, especially if the project site is in a crowded area, and is the building resistant to earthquakes and conforms to the conditions approved by the state.

It should be noted in this context that Istanbul real estate has a great diversity in terms of places and prices, where you find the central areas at high prices, and this does not mean that the investor is being deceived because the prices of the central areas are already high, and therefore what you pay in a centrally located property is worth its price and you can recover Capital through the high profitable returns provided by the property. On the other hand, some investors prefer to look for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul in other residential areas far from the center, where the budget is lower and the returns are good.

 In order to ensure a safe investment, all you have to do is determine the budget allocated for buying an apartment in Istanbul, and choose the location that serves your budget and aspirations, taking into account the previous points.

To find out more details about real estate prices in Istanbul , contact the FCC Real Estate Investment and Development Group team and choose your ideal apartment in one of our investment projects that cover all locations in Istanbul.

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