Today, Istanbul has become the first destination for both tourists and investors interested in s.

All you need to know about public transportation in Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Today, Istanbul has become the first destination for both tourists and investors interested in s.

The city of Istanbul is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey , and it is rich in charming natural attractions and majestic historical monuments, as ancient Istanbul provides its visitors with many options for recreation and enjoyment, and between its Asian and European sides, the Bosphorus Strait makes its way and spreads its magic on the sides of the city.

  Today, Istanbul has become the first destination for both tourists and investors interested in the real estate market in Turkey and those looking for apartments for sale in European Istanbul. It also attracts Arab businessmen who love luxury and sophistication who are looking for villas for sale in Asian Istanbul in order to obtain Turkish citizenship . And because we in the FCC Real Estate Investment and Development Group are always interested in answering our customers' inquiries and questions about everything related to the city of Istanbul, we are discussing today in this article talking about public transportation in Istanbul.

Public transportation:

There are various means of transportation in Istanbul, between the subway (metro), tram, public transport buses, minibuses (dolmus), metro bus, sea ferries, and taxis.

Subway (Metro):

A rapid means of transportation, which is an underground railway network, the metro in Istanbul consists of two lines, one to the south and the other to the north. The metro network serves the Asian and European sections, and covers most areas of the city. The construction of the Istanbul metro dates back to the year 2000 AD.

If you are visiting Istanbul for tourism or investment and want to buy apartments in Istanbul, you will certainly take the Istanbul subway while you are roaming the city and you will notice the interest of the Istanbul municipality in its services available within the metro stations and the high cleanliness inside the metro.


Convenient means of transportation, linking the central areas of Istanbul. You can ride the tram and wander between the streets of the old city and roam its markets and alleys. The tram is a cheap means of transport, the fare is 2 Turkish liras. Everyone who visited Istanbul must have taken the famous Taksim tram.

Public transport buses:

The bus network is strong and huge, covering all areas in Istanbul, and connecting them to each other. You can take one bus that will take you from Esenyurt to Taksim Square.

Dolmus buses:

They are minibuses that serve the regions and municipalities in Istanbul. Each municipality of the city has a group of minibuses that connect the neighborhoods to each other, and also connect them to other municipalities.

metro bus:

The metro bus is the nerve of Istanbul, and the fastest means of transportation in the city. The metro bus line extends between the Asian and European sides along a length of 50 km from the Kadikoy area, passing through the Bosphorus Strait and the Golden Horn towards the Beylikduzu area , its last 45 stations. It also intersects in many of its stations with other rapid means of transportation such as the metro and tram. Turks rely heavily on the metro bus for their daily commute.

Marine ferries:

Ferries provide you with distance shortcuts, avoiding congestion. Ferries connect between the Asian and European sides. You can reach from the Yenikapi area on the European side to the Princes' Islands, Bursa, and Yalova.

It is worth noting that there are many mobile applications that allow you to move around in Istanbul, especially if you are visiting the city for tourism or have recently moved to it.

The best transportation applications in Istanbul:


It is one of the most popular applications to learn how to use public transportation in Istanbul of all kinds. You can know itineraries and arrival times, in addition to displaying road and transportation maps and public bus stops. The application enables you to enter the data of the area you want to go to and the name of the area from which you want to start, so the application gives you all the available options and the easiest way to reach the desired area.

ت طبيق ibb mobile traffic

This application is for maps of the city of Istanbul and helps you to identify the areas of the city and provides the possibility of direct broadcasting of the streets via satellite and shows you the crowded and less crowded streets, in order to avoid traffic from the crowded streets.

ITAKSI application

It is a taxi application and the application is approved by the Istanbul Municipality. It is considered one of the most popular applications in Istanbul and has many testimonials from tourists and locals.

The application helps you to order a taxi anywhere and at any time, you just specify the place of departure and the place of arrival, and the taxi comes to you and takes you to the required place, which helps you to avoid any error due to not knowing the correct name of the area, for example.


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