Turkey is a beautiful multicultural country and you can ask any foreigner residing in Turkey to tell you.

Foreigners' Guide to Living in ...

Date:Friday, November 19, 2021

Turkey is a beautiful multicultural country and you can ask any foreigner residing in Turkey to tell you.

Foreigners' Guide to Living in Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful multicultural country and you can ask any foreigner residing in Turkey, to tell you that he has made the best move ever when he decided to move to live in Turkey.
Where there are thousands of foreigners in Turkish towns, villages and cities. According to the annual survey of foreigners carried out by HSBC Bank, Turkey was ranked as the seventh best country for foreigners to live in.
There are many reasons for this, most notably: the low cost of living, ease of movement and the welcome of foreigners by Turkish citizens.

Of course, any foreigner looking to move to live in Turkey has many questions. We understand that settling in any country that differs in culture, language, food and traditions requires personal skills and individual effort to be able to adapt. Therefore, we offer you here the most important tips related to the life of foreigners.

1: You have to manage your money
You have to control the expenses and adjust the budget as one of the biggest common reasons for the failure of foreigners in any country is the lack of money management. Especially when dealing with different types of currencies.
Some people who receive income from abroad live here as they enjoy a high exchange rate that offers them more Turkish money per month than ever before. But as we know that exchange rates are unstable and may drop very dramatically within the next five to ten years. Therefore, the newcomers should better manage their savings. They should also take advantage of the currently high interest rates by having a savings bank account. Some Turkish banks offer 10 to 12% on deposits per month.

2: Learn Turkish
Most foreigners suffer permanently when moving to other countries because there is something that complicates the process of their adaptation, which is the different language, so you should enhance your new life in Turkey by learning the language, and that is an essential thing. You don't have to be fluent in it, so learning the basics is a lot easier for you. Before you move to any new country, try to learn some basic words in their language. Your understanding of some of the rules of the Turkish language may also help facilitate the learning process.

3: Job opportunities
There are many job opportunities for those who want to work in Turkey, but it is often required to apply for job opportunities to master the Turkish language. But in general, finding a job in Turkey is not very difficult if you have the ingredients for the work that you will apply for and the required expertise.

4: Adaptation to different culture
Some foreigners expect that life in a country will be as they saw it when they visited it before as tourists. Note that when you move to live in another country, you will encounter many daily activities and habits that are different from what is expected. It may be simple things, such as practicing the special rituals of Ramadan and fasting for many Turkish citizens. Eastern Turkey differs somewhat from Western Turkey as it is a more conservative society. The Turks of the Black Sea regions have different customs and lifestyle than others. The easiest way to settle down and adapt to different styles is to remain open to accepting and respecting all styles.

5: Forming Relationships in Turkey
For expats in Turkey, they have many opportunities and ways to make friends with Turks in their daily lives. Turkey is one of the most open countries to many civilizations, as it is a desirable destination for many cultures, including European, Russian, Asian, American and others. You can consider that you are connected with the whole world. Unfortunately, some may limit themselves to knowledge of their country of origin only, which deprives them of the enjoyment of the cultural and civilizational openness available to them as an expatriate. To have an enjoyable life in Turkey, you need to broaden your circle of acquaintances with people who have common interests as yours. There are many charitable organizations and gatherings for certain hobbies. Likewise, you can join via Facebook to groups organizing activities to meet with many Turks and make friends with them as it is one of the biggest acclimation factors.

6: Resıdence and health insurance
A foreigner can stay for a temporary period based on the rules of a tourist visa, but for residence there are other procedures. Accordingly, expatriates over the age of 65 do not need health insurance, as they only have to pay their medical expenses. Expatriates of other age groups must have health insurance to obtain residency. Some may choose private international health insurance, while others may choose domestic health insurance. We highly recommend you to stay updated with the latest news on accommodation and health insurance. It is worth noting that the relevant authorities will not tolerate violators of residency laws and those with expired residency, and they may be asked to leave the country immediately.

7: Obtaining citizenship and permanent residence
When moving to live in a new country, some expatriates prefer to obtain the citizenship of the new country. There are different ways to obtain it in Turkey, including real estate investment, which is the most common way to obtain Turkish citizenship.
Turkey is the most prominent compared to the rest of the countries in this context, as the minimum amount specified for obtaining citizenship by investment is 250,000 dollars. This means that any expatriate residing in Turkey has the right to obtain Turkish citizenship and have all the same rights as a Turkish citizen. The only condition for this is that the property owner retains his property for a period of no less than 3 years.

8: Owning a property or renting it
It is an individual choice that depends on the future plan for the duration of stay in the country in addition to the person’s cash budget. One of the negatives of renting is the rise in the rent price in addition to not owning a property over time, so many expatriates prefer to own a property instead of renting it. This may also be due to the fact that real estate prices in Turkey are very low compared to other countries. Where the price starts at about $ 50,000 for the apartment, expatriate couples usually prefer to own the property. If you have a desire to own a property in Turkey, you can browse our website for apartments and villas for sale in various regions in Turkey. Each list includes all the information you may need, as well as ways to contact us to find out more or arrange an interview.

9: Where do most of the expats live in Turkey?
Some destinations top the list of the best areas to live in Turkey in terms of foreigners, and this is evidenced by the many communities that these areas attract. In general, expats with jobs prefer to stay in big cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. On the other hand, retirees prefer to move to the Aegean or Mediterranean and coastal areas such as Antalya, Fethiye, and Bodrum. Let's shed more light on the most suitable areas for retirement and relaxation:

10: In the end, is Turkey a suitable country for foreigners?
Foreigners in Turkey enjoy a good life for several reasons including the amazing weather, the many activities that can be done abroad, the delicious and healthy food, as well as the cheap life costs that enable them to stay. There are only some personal circumstances that force some to return home. Of course, when you move to live in Turkey, you will see some small obstacles, but after passing them, everyone agrees that it was the best decision they made when they decided to move to Turkey.

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