Antalya is located in southwestern Turkey on the Mediterranean coast, about 518 km from.

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Date:Monday, May 30, 2022

Antalya is located in southwestern Turkey on the Mediterranean coast, about 518 km from.

Get to know with us the most famous hotels in Antalya

Antalya is located in southwestern Turkey on the Mediterranean coast, about 518 km from Ankara, 729 km from Istanbul, and it is bordered to the east by Mersin and Kerman, to the northeast by Konya, to the north by Isparta and Bodro, to the west by the state of Mola, and to the south by the Mediterranean Sea average.

Antalya, which comes after Paris and London, as one of the most popular destinations visited by millions annually, and entertainment activities and hotels in Antalya vary, where they enjoy nature in the open air as well as markets and closed museums, and the old city in Antalya is characterized by the splendor of history, Roman ruins and ancient mosques with a wonderful view of the Marina And the sea, most notably the majestic Hadrian’s Gate, in addition to dozens of shops selling handicrafts and cafes with balconies overlooking the harbor.

Here are the most famous hotels in Antalya:

TUI BLUE Palm Garden
The hotel is located in Side Manavgat, a popular holiday spot on the Turkish Riviera. Its sandy and pebble beach stretches right into the rich hotel complex. The bungalow complex surrounded by palm trees is an inspiration with a large pool area with slides. TUI Blue Palm Garden is a paradise for families who enjoy an all-inclusive vacation here. Children, teens and adults of all ages push the boundaries of entertainment with a variety of fun activities. BLUE® Spa awaits you where you can enjoy the tranquility and leave the stresses of everyday life behind on a warm marble deck. Those looking for a colorful nightlife can join in the light evening entertainment

Selected live bands and shows are held at convenient locations within the hotel grounds.

Blue Waters Club

Set in a unique natural setting where the Mediterranean embraces the tones of blue and green, Blue Waters Club offers highly private and alternative accommodation opportunities that can appeal to everyone with different tastes and lifestyles, with a capacity of 671 rooms. An unforgettable holiday awaits you in comfortable rooms where you can reflect your lifestyle according to your preferences.

 Located on an area of ​​250 thousand square meters, 5 kilometers from the old side and 65 kilometers from Antalya Airport, this paradise on earth is worth exploring! If what you are looking for is a different, lively, dynamic, unusual and unforgettable vacation, then Blue Waters Club is the perfect choice for everyone from young to old.

Robinson Camuva Club

If you are a fan of action, and looking for the perfect mix of sports, shows and nightlife, here are Robinson’s best outdoor sports and spacious scenic clubs with full amenities; You are in the right place.

 In addition to comprehensive WellFit offerings and numerous water sports opportunities, unforgettable parties and a rich entertainment program await at Robinson Club Camyuva. Here you can turn night into day. The legendary White Night event will be an experience you will remember forever. Delicious presentations are ready for you with four restaurants and four bar areas.


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