Medical tourism is a dual-purpose process, in which the foreign tourist combines his desire.

Hair transplantation in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Medical tourism is a dual-purpose process, in which the foreign tourist combines his desire.

Hair transplantation in Turkey:

Medical tourism is a dual-purpose process, in which the foreign tourist combines his desire to visit the tourist places in Turkey and allocate several days of his vacation for medication and receiving medical treatment.

Turkey was able to achieve wide success in the field of medical tourism, as it occupies the third place in the world, and it is an ideal destination for medical tourism. Foreign tourists prefer to visit Turkey for the purpose of tourism and treatment, due to its superiority over its competitors. A quarter of the value compared to other countries.

In recent years, the movement of medical tourism merging with real estate investment has been active in Turkey. Investors wishing to buy apartments in Istanbul have come to Turkey with the aim of treatment and investment at the same time, and some of them are interested in real estate investment in order to obtain Turkish citizenship .

Medical tourism in Turkey has outperformed its competitors according to several factors, including:

The permanent monitoring imposed by the Turkish government on hospitals and medical centers. The government has imposed a strict system on medical facilities that obliges them to apply the quality of medical and technical standards approved by the International Health Council, including private and governmental hospitals and centers.        

- Turkey has developed medical supplies and acquired the latest devices used in the medical field        

Low costs of medical operations in Turkey compared to other countries . Turkey offers the latest medical technologies at low costs and competitive prices that reach a quarter of the value in other countries.        

Medical competencies and expertise working in Turkish centers and hospitals are among the most important factors that make Turkey a destination for medical tourism around the world.        

With the expansion of medical tourism activity in Turkey, many specialized medical centers have been opened in various fields of hair transplantation, plastic surgery, organ transplantation, and others. Hair transplant operations in Turkey are the most famous.

What is the process of hair transplantation?

The process of hair transplantation falls within the plastic surgeries, and it is a very simple process, based on the principle of transferring the follicles from an area behind and on both sides of the head, called the donor area, and these areas are considered resistant to hair loss.

The hair transplantation process takes place in several stages, namely:

Conducting analyzes and general examinations to find out the patient’s health condition, then comes the stage of cutting hair, and preparing the scalp for the operation by washing it with special solutions for sterilization, and the specialist doctor makes a sketch of the scalp to determine the front line and the donor areas, then the doctor anesthetizes the patient Local anesthesia in the scalp. Here begins the stage of extracting the follicles by means of the "micromotors" device, which is a device dedicated to extracting the follicles with high accuracy and efficiency. After the doctor finishes extracting the follicles, they are kept in a container containing a liquid that nourishes the follicles in order to preserve their temperature, properties, and nutrition. Then the doctor opens the channels through a special device, and the follicles are sorted and implanted in the channels and sinuses based on the distribution of density over the entire affected area and the entire scalp in an engineering manner and with high precision to obtain a beautiful and natural hair appearance.

If you are planning to visit Turkey for an enjoyable vacation this year, as Turkey includes the most beautiful tourist places in the world, and it is a destination for recreation and treatment, and a center for investment, as it is visited by businessmen who are interested in the Turkish real estate market and wish to buy homes in Turkey in general, and those looking for apartments for sale in European Istanbul Villas for sale in Asian Istanbul are likely to make your visit three goals, combining investment, recreation and treatment.

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