Al-Fateh area, which became famous for its residential and cultural importance, and is considered one of the best.

Information about the Fatih district ...

Date:Monday, December 13, 2021

Al-Fateh area, which became famous for its residential and cultural importance, and is considered one of the best.

Information about the Fatih district in Istanbul

Fatih area, which became famous for its residential and cultural importance, and is considered one of the best housing areas for Arabs in particular in Turkey.
The region is geographically in the form of a peninsula on the European side of the city, surrounded by water on three sides; The Sea of ​​Marmara and the Bosphorus, while the fourth side is surrounded by the walls of Istanbul.

Learn with us about the Al-Fatih region and its various characteristics as follows..

• Al-Fatih District location

Within the walls of Constantinople and on a high place, the Al-Fateh district is located in the Turkish city of Istanbul, taking a position in the heart of the ancient city, opening its doors to the Arab community for the purposes of trade and living, as well as its spiritual atmosphere.
Al Fateh is located on the European side of Istanbul, bordered by the Golden Horn in the north, and the Marmara Sea in the south, where it is characterized by a stunning sea view, impressive views, and is bordered to the west by the walls of Constantinople.

Naming Al-Fatih by this name

Al-Fatih was named after the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh, who managed to conquer the city in 1453, and then ordered the reconstruction of the walls, and built the Educational College and Al-Fateh Mosque, one of the city’s most important landmarks, and founded the first Ottoman university.

In the neighborhood, there is the Fatih Mosque, which astonishes the visitor with its architectural design. It is located in a high place that can be seen from several areas in Istanbul, and is an important place for Turks and tourists.

The historical importance of Al-Fatih area

We must note the historical importance of the Al-Fateh region, given its richness and its penetration into the ancient world. The rich historical stations, such as the Al-Fateh Mosque, the Agha Mosques, and the shrine of Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh, which reflect the Islamic civilization that narrate many events and Stories full of high values ​​and morals.

The tourist importance of Al-Fatih area

Al-Fatih district is full of various tourist stations, museums, mosques, theaters, churches, beaches, various resorts, and towers such as Beyazit Tower, Keiztaci.. Therefore, it is considered one of the main areas on the itinerary of tourist trips to Istanbul or Turkey as a whole. This is where tourism investments are increasing, such as restaurants, cafes, and various clubs... and the government is constantly working to maintain museums and mosques there.
The Al-Fateh area is also full of various facilities and facilities, which are among the basics of life ... such as universities and schools, such as Istanbul University, Istanbul Medipol University, and Bezim University.

The residential importance of Al-Fatih area for the Arabs

Al-Fatih area is classified as one of the best residential areas in Istanbul for Arabs, due to the clear Islamic culture in it, which is an exclusive attraction for Arabs of different nationalities, in addition to the availability of an adequate standard of living, a diversity of basic services .. and residential real estate .. and the increasing Various investment opportunities.

• Residential real estate in Al-Fatih area and its prices

Residential real estate varies in the Al-Fateh area, being classified among the residential areas mainly, where there are houses, villas, residential and hotel apartments, buildings, and serviced residential complexes..
As for the prices, they vary according to the individual specifications of the residential property, such as area, size, view capacity, proximity to main roads and public transportation, and various centers and headquarters.
In general, like all other real estate, real estate prices in the Al-Fatih area are appropriate, and even competitive, when compared to their counterparts in other European countries.

If you are thinking of residing in the Al-Fatih area, it is a suitable and very serviced residential option, and you must hurry to seize the appropriate property, whether for residence or investment, due to the increasing demand of investors and residents in the Al-Fatih area, and the consequent gradual rise in prices.


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