Turkey is one of the most important countries for successful investment, and the high demand for apartments and bu.


Date:Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Turkey is one of the most important countries for successful investment, and the high demand for apartments and bu.

Turkey is one of the most important countries that can be successfully invested, and the great demand for apartments and new real estate, and real estate prices have increased recently, due to the development the country is witnessing in terms of construction, economic and tourism, which is of great benefit to investors for real estate and residential complexes in Turkey, especially Istanbul, the capital. Commercial and economic, and according to its importance at the Turkish internal and global economic level, and the export and import gateway for Turkey, where it exported about 50% of Turkey's exports and imported about 54%, as well as annually contributes to the Turkish GDP according to it being the financial capital of Turkey.

One of the most important investment factors is the existence of legislative and economic laws that equate the local and foreign investor.

 Invest in Istanbul

What are the advantages of Istanbul in terms of investment?

• There are many types of investment in Istanbul

Where real estate projects vary according to the type of housing, you can choose your investment to be a traditional house within residential projects, or a villa within luxury projects, or smart homes with a remote control system, and despite the difference of these homes and residential projects, but all of them are distinguished by meeting all needs and services, ensuring comfort. The full resident.

• Turkish employment in Istanbul

Istanbul provides coverage for employment in Turkey by about 35%, and is characterized by the highest income in Turkey, and being open to ports, it is considered an important center for international maritime trade and a meeting place for international lands.

Infrastructure projects

Among the most important infrastructure projects are (the three Bosphorus bridges, the new Istanbul airport, advanced public transport, commercial complexes and luxury malls of Istanbul, 18 new metro lines, in addition to the Istanbul Water Canal project.

• The central location of the city

Industrial cities in Istanbul are allocated, free trade zones, as well as roads, bridges, various modes of transport, shipping and unloading, water resources, sanitation, electrical networks and communications of all kinds.

Istanbul forms a wonderful climate for successful and profitable investment, due to its distinguished geographical location, real estate designs, and competitive prices of real estate in Istanbul.

The most important areas where investment complexes are available in Istanbul


Basaksehir is a region that has attracted Arabs for a long time, as it enjoys modernity, sophistication and excellent infrastructure.

It is characterized by being close to the city center and Istanbul airport, and includes important commercial markets, a metro line, and has a strategic position in real estate investment, because it contains distinguished residential complexes.


It is called the Gardens area due to the spread of parks in it, it is located next to Basaksehir, and is characterized by the multiplicity of residential complexes, as it is characterized by its proximity to the new Istanbul Canal project, so it is one of the best real estate investment areas


It is located at the western end of Istanbul, Europe, close to the Sea of ​​Marmara, and includes several large shopping centers, many industrial centers, and also includes the longest metro line in Istanbul that connects to its Asian side, so Kucukcekmece is one of the most important areas for successful real estate investment and the most important tourist areas .

Residential complexes in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is in continuous development day after day, as it has come to include many modern residential complexes equipped to meet all services and needs, to create the appropriate atmosphere for fun and comfort, which helped increase the demand for buying real estate in these residential complexes for housing or real estate investment

These residential complexes are characterized by the containment of a range of service facilities, such as gardens, playgrounds, swimming pools, and various protection measures.

Features of residential complexes in Istanbul

Residential complexes are increasingly invested in Istanbul, as they have many characteristics, including:

• Providing all means of safety and protection through protection and guarding systems for residential complexes, in addition to services for all complexes.

• It provides the correct environment in which these residential complexes are built at prices lower than the prices of individual homes, and a more comfortable and quiet place to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and this encourages investors to head towards residential complexes, especially as they are linked to all means of transportation to the city center.

• The proximity of residential complexes to modern commercial complexes, various shops and lounges that attract investors to buy real estate within residential complexes for various investment purposes.

• The high value of real estate in residential complexes and the availability of all amenities and entertainment, which increases the proportion of investment for commercial purposes, in addition to the presence of a comfortable installment feature in most residential complexes.

Owning a property within the residential complexes in Istanbul and investing it is one of the options that most traders from inside and outside Turkey resort to. Hurry up to own and invest your property and communicate with our company to provide you with the appropriate advice and optimal choices for the right property according to your request and the required specifications.



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