Turkey is the favorite destination for Arab tourists, as it embraces the most beautiful tourist places in.

Kayseri city, Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey is the favorite destination for Arab tourists, as it embraces the most beautiful tourist places in.

Kayseri, Turkey:

Turkey is the favorite destination for Arab tourists, as it embraces the most beautiful tourist places in the world, and Arabs prefer to spend their holidays and vacations in Turkey, due to the beauty of its nature and the diversity of its tourist attractions, in addition to the cultural rapprochement between Turkish and Arab society.

Turkey also attracts Arab investors and businessmen who are interested in the real estate market in Turkey and looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul in particular , and apartments in Turkey in general.

Both the tourist and the investor are interested in looking at the Turkish cities to determine their destination and options. We highlight for you one of the most beautiful Turkish cities, which is the city of Kayseri.

general information:

The city of Kayseri is located in central Turkey, overlooking Mount Argyas, which is the third highest mountain in Turkey, and is 25 km from the city of Kayseri. passed it. The city of Kayseri is distinguished by the great convergence in its customs and traditions of the Arab community, especially in the Levant region. The city is unique among Turkish cities in the furniture industry, and there are farms for breeding animals and livestock.

It has many industrial areas and commercial centers. It is one of the most important commercial centers in the Anatolia region

Tourist places in Kayseri:

The city of Kayseri has been known since ancient times as a distinguished tourist destination, as its natural and historical attractions vary, and among its most prominent tourist attractions is the ancient Hunat Hatun Mosque, named after Princess There, the daughter of one of the Seljuk sultans who ruled the country at that time. The mosque was built by order of the princess in 1238 AD. The mosque contains two minarets, the first was built during the Seljuk era and the other was built during the Ottoman era.

The mosque is located in the center of the city, and it used to provide meals for the poor and needy.

The city is famous for the presence of many markets that offer various goods and products, the most important of which is the covered market, which is one of the largest markets in Turkey, and includes 200 shops.

Yahyali area: It has a charming nature and is dotted with orchards, various flowers and natural waterfalls that attract local and foreign tourists due to its beauty. The region is famous for the manufacture of luxurious handmade carpets, which is a hobby and profession for the people of the region, as not one of Yahyali's homes is devoid of a loom for spinning handicrafts and handmade carpets.

Cappadocia region:

Turkish Cappadocia is an ancient city and has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is one of the most famous tourist places in Turkey and includes many historical attractions and cities hidden under the ground, which were dug among the rock formations by different civilizations that succeeded in the region, such as the city of Kaymakli, the city of Derenkoy, and the city of Goreme. These cities contain many ancient houses, mazes, caves, and some Old churches and famous natural mountain chimneys which are known as fairy chimneys

Garama City: It is located near Mount Argyas, and its history goes back to the Hittite civilization, then many civilizations such as the Assyrians came to it, and it includes many ancient monuments and sculptures.

The city of Kayseri includes a number of wonderful museums, such as the Kayseri Museum, which was established in 1969 AD with the aim of introducing an accurate and organized historical definition of the city, the Ethnographic Museum, the Ataturk Museum, and the Medical Museum.

Palace Tuzla Lake: The lake provides its visitors with calm and comfort among the flanks of nature. The lake is considered one of the ancient lakes that witnessed ancient civilizations. The Hittites were the first to inhabit its basin, then the Turks came after them, and then they were subject to the rule of the Ottoman Empire.

If you are visiting Turkey on the next holiday for the purpose of tourism or investment, and you want to buy houses in Turkey or apartments in Istanbul to obtain Turkish citizenship, we recommend that you allocate several days of your trip to visit the city of Kayseri, get to know the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey, and spend special times with family or friends. And because we are in the FCC Real Estate Investment and Development Group, real estate and investment experts, we offer you the best real estate opportunities in Turkey, the best hotel apartments in Istanbul, and cheap apartments for sale in European Istanbul. Contact us for free real estate advice.

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