The Turkish city of Istanbul is the first and favorite tourist destination for Arab tourists and.

Lions Park in Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Turkish city of Istanbul is the first and favorite tourist destination for Arab tourists and.

Lions Park in Istanbul:

The Turkish city of Istanbul is considered the first and preferred tourist destination for Arab and foreign tourists, and it is an incubator for charming natural places and majestic monuments, and it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey . The city attracts investors and businessmen interested in the Turkish real estate market and those looking for apartments for sale in Turkey with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship and those wishing to own apartments in Istanbul in both its Asian and European parts and those looking for villas for sale in Asian Istanbul with a view of the Bosphorus .

When you intend to visit Turkey with the family, your first stop will be Istanbul. Your tour will certainly start from Taksim and Fatih to visit the famous historical places, and the first dinner will be in one of the restaurants overlooking the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn , and on the next day you will be your destination to entertainment places and parks, we advise you to visit Lions Park in Istanbul and take your children on a unique trip like no other.

Lions Park in Istanbul:

Opened in Istanbul in Istanbul , the third largest zoo dedicated to big cats in the world, and the first of its kind in Turkey, located in the Tuzla region on the Asian side of Istanbul, and the park contains more than 12 species of seven species, including lions, Siberian and Bengal tigers, and the puma And the hunter tiger, the leopard.

The zoo was designed according to the standards of the European Zoo Association, and the animals in it were selected after a documented study of the species that had lived in zoos for at least four generations.

During your visit to the majestic Lions Park in Istanbul, you can see several types of big cats, including:

the White Lion:

These lions are considered one of the rarest species threatened with extinction. They were brought to the Lions Park in Istanbul last June, and Istanbul has become their new home. Two rare white lions and lions were brought to Istanbul. It is worth noting that this species has only dozens left in the world, and some reports indicate that it There are only 30 white lions left around the world, and this species is highly protected due to its scarcity in South Africa. White lions eat 20 kilograms of meat daily.

Bengal tiger:

The Bengal tiger is considered one of the most powerful and beautiful types of tigers. The male is about three meters long and weighs up to 290 kilograms. The Bengal tiger is distinguished by its ability to swim, as it is a very good swimmer despite its heavy weight. Bengal tigers are found in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, and these places are their natural habitat. It is also frequently found in tropical rainforests, where there are dense trees. The Bengal tiger feeds on what it can catch of meat at night, such as pigs, buffaloes, deer and elephants.


It is a type of big cat that belongs to the feline family, and it is one of the fierce fighting animals and one of the fastest animals on the surface of the earth, and it has a slender structure that helps it run at a speed of more than 120 km per hour. The leopard is the last of the fixed-clawed animal breeds that became extinct thousands of years ago as a result of natural factors. Its length ranges between 100 and 190 cm, and its weight ranges from 30 to 90 kilograms, depending on its breed.

The leopard tends to live isolated from the group, and loves to climb peaks and heights that reach more than 5,500 meters. It prefers to sleep on trees and on rocky heights during the day, and begins to search for its prey at night.

mountain lion:

The mountain lion is known as the "American lion", as it is native to the Americas. It is the largest species of mammal in the Western Hemisphere, and it is the second heaviest lion after the jaguar.

The weight of the males ranges between 53-100 kilograms, and the females weigh between 29-64 kilograms. He is an excellent hunter, masters swimming, and can climb trees.

You can see the Siberian tiger, the wild cat lion, the black leopard, the golden leopard, and the lynx.

You will live a wonderful and imaginative experience when you visit the Lions Park in Istanbul, and you will certainly want to feed their young and take souvenir photos with them.

If you are visiting Turkey this year for the purpose of tourism and recreation, or for investment and buying real estate in Istanbul and apartments in Turkey . We advise you first, to contact the FCC real estate investment and development team in Turkey to get your real estate advice and learn about the prices of apartments in Istanbul . We plan together to visit real estate projects and choose the best offers for you in Istanbul residential complexes, whether you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul with the aim of investing or want to buy homes in Turkey for housing, we offer you all the options suitable for your request. We also recommend that you allocate a day of your vacation to take the family and visit the Lions Park in Istanbul.

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