Turkey is distinguished by its geographical location, which makes it the link between East and West. Where does uh come in.

What makes you buy a property in Turkey?

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey is distinguished by its geographical location, which makes it the link between East and West. Where does uh come in.

What makes you buy a property in Turkey?

Turkey is distinguished by its geographical location, which makes it the link between East and West. Where the importance of its strategic location comes from the fact that it is located within the Anatolian Peninsula and is surrounded by three vital bodies of water, which are the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea. The Anatolia region is considered one of the central land sites in the world. Anatolia represents the meeting point between three continents: the continent of Africa, the continent of Asia, and the continent of Europe, which made Anatolia one of the most prominent areas of convergence of civilizations and cultures.

Why Turkey?

 Turkey enjoys political and economic stability, and its economy is thriving to achieve a qualitative leap and rapid development. The Turkish economy has been classified as the second fastest growing economy after China. This is due to the economic reforms undertaken by the Turkish government , it restructured the financial system in the country by developing the work of public banks in Turkey , and the development model was followed in the field of exports and the low rate of inflation in the markets in addition to achieving a wide urban renaissance and started from the establishment of infrastructure projects giant infrastructure. The Turkish government has been interested in pursuing an active foreign economic policy, and has prepared regional relations and helped Turkish businessmen to increase economic cooperation with other countries. It relied on bringing in capital from abroad by providing large support and facilities to foreign investors, and was concerned with stimulating investment in the market.Real estate in Turkey and has legislated special laws for foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey and has provided all the necessary facilities for investors.

The real estate market in Turkey witnessed a great turnout from Arab and foreign investors looking for apartments for sale in European Istanbul, and villas for sale in Asian Istanbul in particular, in addition to those wishing to buy homes in Turkey.

 tourism in Turkey:

 Turkey is one of the best tourist places in the world . It attracts foreign and Arab tourists due to the beauty of its nature and its huge archaeological treasures, whose features are spread in most Turkish cities. And Arab tourists have come to Turkey to spend their holidays and vacations, and their journey begins by visiting Istanbul , which is the capital of tourism and includes the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey . Belgrade Forest, and other palaces, archaeological museums and charming natural places.

Also, the vast geographical area of ​​Turkey, the diversity of its climate, its large population, and its strong infrastructure play a key role in providing an investment climate and suitable ingredients for any type of investment. In this context, we highlight here the talk about real estate investment in Turkey , which is one of the best and most important types of investments. Safe and successful, the Turkish real estate market is one of the most active real estate markets in the world, and house prices in Turkey are very reasonable compared to real estate prices in other European countries. It provides high annual returns.

All these factors encouraged Arab businessmen and investors to head towards Turkey, and in recent years Arab investors have focused on the Turkish real estate market, where high rates of buying apartments were recorded in Istanbul , and the Gulf countries occupied the first ranks for the highest rates of purchase. Qataris, Palestinians and Iraqis headed towards Turkey and invested their money in the Turkish real estate market, which offers many options for foreigners to own real estate, including:

Foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey:

Buying real estate in projects under construction in vital areas, then selling them after the completion of the project. What attracts the Arab investor most now is the search for apartments for sale in Turkey within projects under construction.

And buying apartments in Istanbul in ready-made projects within high-end residential complexes and renting them with a high profit return, or reselling them after several years and getting good profits.

In addition to owning apartments with a hotel system, which is considered one of the most prominent types of real estate investment recently, as construction companies provide a rental guarantee for several years with a high profit return.

FCC Real Estate Investment Group in Turkey offers the best real estate opportunities within Istanbul residential complexes

 In FCC Real Estate, we are also pleased to provide special offers suitable for real estate investment within the best hotel apartments in Istanbul , in addition to offices and shops. And if your goal of buying is to obtain Turkish citizenship, we have many real estate options that meet the conditions for granting Turkish citizenship

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