Turkey is a gateway between East and West, and it is a station for foreign and Arab investors, regardless of the…0

How do I open a bank account in Turkey?

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey is a gateway between East and West, and it is a station for foreign and Arab investors, regardless of the…0

How do I open a bank account in Turkey?

Turkey is a gateway between East and West, and it is a station for foreign and Arab investors, regardless of their fields of work and interests, as some of them preferred to work in the commercial field and others headed towards the industrial sector, and a large percentage of Arab investors tend to invest in the Istanbul real estate market.

With the great Arab turnout that Turkey has witnessed in the past years, the Turkish government has provided a package of facilities to Arab and foreign investors. Where many laws were issued that facilitate routine procedures for businessmen, such as establishing companies, and the right of foreigners to own real estate in Turkey , while enabling them to open bank accounts.

 In order to run their business, they need to have bank accounts in their names, as many procedures in Turkey require a bank account, especially for investors looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul for the purpose of investment. They need the bank account to transfer the price of the apartment or in money transfers to and from Turkey.

Steps to open a bank account in Turkey:

Before opening a bank account, a tax number must be obtained in Turkey, which is a simple procedure that requires a copy of the passport and residence address in Turkey. The procedures are carried out at the Tax Directorate. The tax number is requested from the concerned employee and within a few minutes the investor is given his own tax number. As for the papers required to open the account, they are the tax number, a valid passport, and the residence address. In the event that you have a residence permit in Turkey, you must present it and bring an address entry called (adres bilgisi) from the District Commissioner.

We, in the FCC Real Estate Investment and Development Group, provide our clients with all the services that will facilitate their business and relieve them of some of the burden. We put in your hands the experience of our distinguished service team, which starts with you from the first step on your way to investing until completing the purchase process and transferring the price of the property through the bank. We always advise our clients to pay the price of the property through a bank transfer and to keep the transfer notices to ensure their rights and because bank transactions are safer. In particular, clients who wish to buy real estate in Turkey with the aim of obtaining citizenship. As the list of papers required to apply for Turkish citizenship by owning a property in Turkey includes bank notices to pay the price of the property.

The best private and government banks in Turkey:

When you intend to open a bank account in Turkey, you will first search for the best bank in terms of services, speed of money transfer, and so on. And because we at FCC Real Estate Group are interested in providing all the necessary information and answering all your questions. We show you the most important banks in Turkey.

The banking sector in Turkey witnessed continuous growth, and the number of banks in it reached 51 in 2016.

The most famous banks in Turkey:

Ziraat Bank:

Ziraat Bank, a government bank, is one of the most famous banks in Turkey and most Turks deal with it. The bank provides all kinds of services, whether to individuals or institutions, such as deposits, investments, loans and credit cards

Hulk Bank:

 The bank provides its services in all its centers and branches in Turkey, in addition to external services, in coordination with its representatives outside Turkey.

Grant Bank:

The bank offers many banking facilities at the individual and institutional levels, and provides distinguished services in the field of life insurance, individual and retirement financing.

Waqf bank:

It is one of the leading banks in Turkey and finances both domestic and foreign trade. It has branches all over the world "Iraq, Bahrain, Austria, Germany, New York"

 In addition to Anadolu Bank, Finance Bank, H Bank, and others. These banks also provide services to Turks, foreigners and Arabs.

If you are constantly visiting Turkey with the aim of tourism and recreation in the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey , or you visit it with the aim of real estate investment and are looking for homes for sale in Turkey with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship, then we advise you to deal with Turkish banks that provide their services in the Arabic language, such as Al Baraka Bank, Kuveyt Turk Bank. 

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