When making the decision to buy a property in Turkey, the investor must study everything related to the real estate market.

Types of title deeds in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

When making the decision to buy a property in Turkey, the investor must study everything related to the real estate market.

When making the decision to buy a property in Turkey, the investor must study everything related to the real estate market in Turkey. One of the most important points that should be well focused on is identifying the types of title deed, that document that shows ownership and guarantees the legal right of the owner of apartments in Turkey.

Title deeds in Turkey have several types, namely:

Real estate easement document:

The property is registered with an easement title deed when a property is purchased in Turkey within a project under construction. The easement document is the tapu document in which each section of the property is registered separately, in other words when the construction company plans the project and puts the plan for building on the plot of land, and obtains approval for construction

The project is divided into sections (the number of apartments within the building) and a special bond is organized for each apartment, showing the location and area of ​​the apartment and its information.

The type of real estate is included in such bonds (construction land), due to the lack of completion of construction work. Upon completion of the construction work and the property becomes ready for habitation, the owner is granted the full title deed.

Full title deed:

When you buy apartments in Turkey as part of ready-to-move-in projects, you will be given a complete title deed for your apartment proving your ownership of the apartment and preserving your legal right. The full specifications of the property are mentioned within the title deed "Tabu" in terms of the area of ​​the property, its type of commercial or residential, and others.

It should be noted that the real estate registry of the apartment must be disclosed before purchase, in order to find out if the property is subject to restrictions such as seizure or mortgage, and the Real Estate Registry Department must be reviewed for inspection and inquiries, because the restrictions, if any, are not mentioned in the title deed.

What is the difference between tapu and court ruling:

The origin of real estate ownership is that the property is registered in the real estate records and is sorted, and this is called the tapu. In some buildings, cases of abuses are recorded on the basic plan, and one or more floors are added to it, for example, or the basic plan is land intended for construction only, and shops, houses, and more floors are built without permits and in violation of standards. When these violating floors are sold, they are sold on their current condition, and the property remains registered in the real estate register as land intended for construction only, while on the ground there is a building consisting of several floors actually built, and therefore it is not possible to obtain a regular title deed for the new property owner to establish his rights, and in this case he resorts Both seller and buyer to court ruling. In this context, we must note to our valued customers that we, in the FCC Real Estate Group, contract only with major construction companies that strictly adhere to the laws, and there is no illegal property within the Istanbul residential complexes.

Notary document:

The title deed registered with the notary public, and what is known in Turkey as “Notre” is a legal document, and the property is registered with the notary public when the purchase is in installments. After all payments are made by the owner of the apartment, it is registered in his name in the real estate registry and he obtains the title deed. Construction companies resort to registering the property with the notary public in order to guarantee their legal right and the right of the buyer. It should be noted that each region has its own notary center, and each state has a department (notre room) and all notre centers in the city follow it.

What are the modifications made to the Turkish tapu registration system?

The Turkish government has made a package of amendments to the tapu registration system in Turkey, including:

Granting a separate identity with a special number for each title deed ( Tapu).        

- Providing title deeds with QR CODE        

- Mentioning the total area and the net area of ​​the building within the title deed        

- Implementing the "Business Intelligence" system, which enables the Ministry to monitor transactions accurately and allows the owner to inquire about his property by sending a short message.        

- Activating the real estate appraisal system to set the real value of the property.        


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