There are many signs of success when investing in real estate in Turkey. Learn about these signs

Signs of Success When Investing ...

Date:Friday, August 5, 2022

There are many signs of success when investing in real estate in Turkey. Learn about these signs

There is no disagreement about the importance of the success of the real estate investment project in Turkey, as it is one of the most important and best types of investments that can be resorted to in order to build great wealth and preserve and constantly develop capital.
But will real estate investment always be profitable? Is there any possibility of it losing? Through this article, the editorial team at FCC Real Estate will inform you of the most important evidence and signs that indicate that it has been successful, and through it we will answer many of your questions about this field. We wish you an enjoyable read.
Before we get to the heart of the matter, it is necessary to point out a very important thing, which is that whatever investment in real estate is, it is a profitable, distinguished and safe field, but we cannot be certain that it will not be subjected to failure, so we chose to show you some signs and cases that lead any real estate investment around the world to failure. If you pass it, your investment will then be sure, distinct and profitable.

How do you stay away from real estate investment failure?

Through the following paragraphs, you can see the most important aspects that lead to the failure of real estate investment in Turkey, and then you should avoid them in order to reach the distinguished results that are appropriate for you.

1 - Don't be too quick to make decisions:

A profitable real estate investment needs a long wait and patience, and you have to know that it is wrong to make decisions randomly, but you must employ wisdom and discretion, and any decision you will take must be studied for profit and appropriate return.
You should also buy when prices are low or take advantage of recessionary periods and low demand for the purchase of real estate, i.e. outside the tourist seasons.

2- Study your financial budget well:

The low financial liquidity in your possession may be a reason for your failure to achieve the success you seek, so you have to compare what you have of money and the costs that you need to pay. Is it sufficient or will you have to search for other methods to secure money such as borrowing, which is a second problem that you will have to face.
Real estate experts advise to avoid borrowing to buy real estate and to look for properties for sale in Turkey with the money you have so that you do not face any problems.

3- Take a good look at the real estate prices:

Among the problems that real estate buyers in Turkey may fall into is paying money in the wrong place or buying real estate at a higher price than it deserves. In order to be away from this problem, you must be keen to extract a real estate appraisal report that determines the value of the property, controls prices, and prevents any manipulation from occurring.
Many of those looking for real estate for sale in Turkey are afraid of falling into this problem, and therefore it is necessary to hire a real estate expert and specialist in the field of real estate in Turkey, where they study all legal situations and discover loopholes.

4 - Choose a suitable property for investment:

A wide category of people who want to buy real estate in Turkey aims to enter the field of real estate investment to obtain a large and high profit, but your choice may not be suitable for obtaining a high return, and there are many criteria that must be taken into account:
-You have to choose a strategic geographic location.
-Find properties close to attractions and historical destinations.
-Real estate near development projects or infrastructure projects.
-Real estate overlooking the sea or green areas and forests.
-Modern specifications.
-Choose modern properties that have not been built for many years.
-Furnished apartments provide you with a higher return than empty properties.

5- Check the legal status of the property:

One of the important steps that must be taken into account when searching for real estate for sale in Turkey is to see the legal status of the property, and this can be done by referring to the real estate registry,and on its investment future, and if you want to sell it, you will find it difficult to do so.
In this context, it should be noted that such problems may not be discovered before two months or more have passed from the date of purchase, and they are only discovered by a legal expert or a competent and successful lawyer.

6- - Market your property the rightly:

One of the most famous ways to help you get a high profit from your real estate investment in Turkey is good marketing and at the hands of a specialist, e-marketing is the most prevalent at the moment.

7 - Do not invest money you need:

It is wrong to invest with money that you may need after a period of time. The successful investment is when you choose to buy real estate with fixed money, you do not need it and do not have to sell the property within a short time to restore it, and from here you can guarantee that within three years you can recover a large percentage of the basic money .

8 - Study the real estate market well:

You, as an investor interested in developing your business and investment project, must study all the details of the real estate market in Turkey and the movement of sales and purchases and the available options, and you must have a real estate consultant or expert with you where you must always take measures that help you develop and revitalize it.

Why is real estate investment in Turkey successful?

There is a set of facts and reasons why real estate investment in Turkey is definitely profitable. Through the following paragraph, you can see the most prominent of them:


the high population density, which increases the demand for buying and owning real estate in Turkey. According to statistics, the population is rising significantly in various Turkish states and cities, especially in Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara and the main cities.


The Turkish state has a vibrant economy that achieves great growth and superiority over various countries around the world thanks to the strategic plans that the Turkish government is constantly working on, and it was one of the most important things that attracted real estate investors in the world to go to Turkey.


With each passing year, we find that the number of tourists coming to Turkey is rising dramatically and at high rates. Turkey is among the most important countries in the world in terms of tourism, due to its historical, civilizational, cultural and natural importance, its charm and the beauty of nature in it.


It is one of the most important destinations that international students choose to enroll in universities and take advantage of an educational opportunity and thus take advantage of this opportunity in real estate investment. It is wonderful, as it is possible to buy student housing apartments or buy real estate near universities and others.


The laws in Turkey are characterized by being very flexible, in contrast to what you find in European countries, and it is constantly working to amend laws to suit the country's interest and to attract the largest possible number of capital owners.


When buying a property in Turkey, it is possible to obtain real estate residency, which is one of the most important types of residency in Turkey, but the price of the property must not be less than 75 thousand US dollars.
Seventh: Turkish citizenship can be obtained through this investment, provided that the property price is not less than 400 thousand US dollars.

The future of real estate investment in Turkey:

If you are interested in seeing the future of real estate investment in Turkey, you should know that real estate prices, whether in Turkey or in other countries around the world, do not stay in one case for a long time, but change constantly depending on the conditions of development and recovery experienced by the country and in Turkey it is likely to record prices rise further, and this puts you in front of the possibility of obtaining a large and rewarding return, but the right time to sell must come, and it is often in the summer and spring times and during the tourist seasons.

Reasons for high real estate prices in Turkey:

There are several reasons that made real estate prices in Turkey take an upward path, which are:
-The fluctuation of the value of the Turkish lira against foreign currencies.
-The high prices of raw construction materials because Turkey imports them from abroad.
-High population density, as we talked about above.
-The urban luxury that you find in Turkey and parallel to the most important countries in the world, especially European ones.

Suitable properties for real estate investment in Turkey:

In your opinion, with the great diversity witnessed by the real estate market in Turkey, will any real estate option be suitable for real estate investment and obtaining a high and abundant profit, or should a specific property be chosen?
In this regard, what you should know is that the best property for investment is the one that is in great demand and what has been announced by the Directorate of Land Registry in Turkey is that there is a great demand for buying apartments in residential complexes that provide the individual with an integrated and elegant life in addition to its sea or forest views.
Villas rank second directly after apartments in their importance in terms of real estate investment, as they are considered a profitable opportunity, given their components, specifications and large areas that can be more than one investment project.
Commercial real estate is also one of the most important investment projects in Turkey, especially as it hosts a lot of tourists annually, but the investor must choose the property in a thoughtful way in terms of location, proximity and distance from public transportation and others.

Notes when investing in real estate in Turkey:

If this is your first experience in the real estate market in Turkey, there are many notes, tips and instructions that you must know in order to ensure that your investment will be 100% successful, including:
1 - Choose properties with a medium or small area, as they can be easily rented and resold as well, while large properties are difficult to find a tenant or a buyer.
2 - Look for a beautiful view of the sea or the forests and green spaces.
3 - Buy an apartment in Turkey through a well-known real estate company to benefit from its good relations with the most important construction companies, as this guarantees that you will get special discounts.
4 - Take field tours within the real estate market in Turkey and see the most important offers available for sale and their features and specifications.

The most important real estate investment destinations in Turkey:

Istanbul is ranked ninth in the world as the best destination for real estate investment at all, and this is due to many of its uncountable advantages, the most important of which is the modern and advanced infrastructure. It hosts many important projects that compete with the most important countries of the world. It is also known for its population density, luxury and modernity, in addition to many offers. One of the special offers offered by construction companies is buying in installments that can be used to build a profitable investment future.
In the second place directly after Istanbul, the Turkish capital, Ankara, is one of the most important cities suitable for real estate investment at all, due to its political importance and economic position, and you can confirm all this through the volume of real estate sales that the capital records annually.
In third place we have the city of Antalya, the white pearl overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, which is an important destination for tourism and summer holidays, as it is full of coasts, beaches, markets and historical monuments, and therefore it witnesses a lot of tourism seasons, where the Russians frequent it in abundance due to the warmth of its climate compared to Russia.
Finally, let us tell you that what helps you succeed in the real estate investment project in Turkey is that real estate prices in Turkey are low compared to the real estate prices that you will find in European or other countries, as Turkey is keen to maintain the stability it lives in today.
This was an important report on real estate investment in Turkey. Anyone wishing to enter this field should see it so that he can reach the success and profit he desires.
Do not forget to visit our website frequently to see the most important information related to the real estate market in Turkey and the most important laws issued in this regard.


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