Turkey is the first destination for tourism and recreation, it is visited by Arabs and foreigners who love medicine.

The most beautiful tourist places in Tikir Dag, Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey is the first destination for tourism and recreation, it is visited by Arabs and foreigners who love medicine.

The most beautiful tourist places in Tikir Dag, Turkey:

Turkey is considered the first destination for tourism and recreation, frequented by Arabs and foreigners who love pristine nature, as Turkey includes the most beautiful tourist places in the world. It is also intended for investors interested in the real estate market in Turkey and those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul. The investor is interested in getting to know the tourist places in Turkey in order to determine his best investment destination in terms of the characteristics of the real estate location.

Turkey is distinguished by the abundance of tourist sites in it, and between the tourist beaches, forests and green mountains, you find yourself in a beautiful confusion, which one do you choose??

We accompany you today on a virtual tour, in which we travel to the Turkish city of Tekir Dag, which is located in the Marmara region in the far northwest of the country, 135 km from the city of Istanbul. Tekir Dag overlooks the Marmara Sea and is one of the best tourist places in Turkey , as it includes many areas beautiful tourist.

Tourist areas in Tikir Dag:

Each tour has its own arrangements and systems. If you are a fan of archaeological sites, you will definitely start your trip from visiting the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography in Tikir Dag.

The museum is located in the Wali Kunai Palace, and it consists of four halls displaying antiquities dating back to 4500 BC, in addition to antiquities dating back to the Roman and Byzantine eras, and includes folklore exhibits related to the Ottoman era. And do not forget to pass to the Rakogzi Museum, which was a private house for the Hungarian prince, Frans Rakogzi, who lived in it between 1676-1735 AD when he took refuge in the Ottoman Empire after failing to fight the Austrians.

In 1932 AD, the house was converted into a public museum, in which some of the Emir's private belongings and the most important historical documents and manuscripts were displayed.

 Your visit to these two museums will be a wonderful experience in which you travel through time to discover the history and culture of previous nations that lived there and left their traces to tell us about their civilizations at that time.

After completing the visit to the museum, we advise you to go to the village of Sharikoy, which is located southwest of the state of Tekir Dag on the Marmara coast, and is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey . The coast of the city is the longest among the coasts in Turkey, with a length of 60 km. International award for environmentally safe beaches from the Foundation for Environmental Education based in England.

Before the end of your trip in Tikir Dag, you will certainly not miss going to the slopes of Ochmak Dire, the destination for paragliding enthusiasts. There you will enjoy stunning landscapes where the blue of the sea and the greenery of the mountains meet, and this is what gives paragliding an additional fun and charm.

If you are a fan of paragliding, you can practice your favorite sport throughout the seasons of the year in the Ochmak Dere area.

And because Tikir Dag is a city of magic and beauty, it will not allow you to leave it before visiting its famous lighthouse, the Hora Lighthouse.

Where the lighthouse is located at the entrance to the village of Hosh Koy in the district of Charkoy, 20 km away from it. It was established during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abd al-Majid in 1861 AD, with a height of 20 meters. The lighthouse was built of iron pieces and revolves around itself at a 360 degree. Tourists come to it from everywhere to take memorial photos and enjoy watching the landscapes surrounding the place.

If you are planning to visit Turkey on your next vacation, whether for tourism and recreation, or for the purpose of investment and you are looking for homes for sale in Turkey or villas for sale in Istanbul with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship , you must visit the wonderful Tekir Dag with your family or friends. We are in a group


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