Turkish cuisine is characterized by its cultural diversity, as it embodies a mixture of several societal cultures, namely: Al.

The most famous Turkish food

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkish cuisine is characterized by its cultural diversity, as it embodies a mixture of several societal cultures, namely: Al.

The most famous Turkish food:

Turkish cuisine is characterized by its cultural diversity, as it embodies a mixture of several societal cultures, namely: Arabic, Kurdish, Persian, Indian, and Armenian. Turkish cuisine recipes spread very quickly around the world, and branches of major Turkish restaurants were opened in many capitals and cities in Europe and the Arab world.

What contributed to the spread of Turkish cuisine around the world is the openness that Turkey achieved through its leadership in the field of tourism, as Turkey was able to attract millions of tourists annually as it embraces the most beautiful tourist places in the world and everyone who visited Turkey for the purpose of tourism must taste the delicious Turkish recipes In turn, he talks about its deliciousness and distinctive taste when he returns to his country.

Arab and foreign investors interested in the real estate market in Turkey and looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul in particular participated in spreading the culture of Turkish cuisine in their countries.

In this context, we highlight the most famous Turkish food that we recommend that you taste when you visit Turkey

The most famous Turkish food:

Iskandar Kebab:

The history of Iskandar Kebab dates back to 1867, which was prepared by the famous Turkish chef at the time, "Muhammad Iskandar Effendi" from the Turkish city of Bursa in the nineteenth century. Down by watering the meat to give the dish a distinctive flavor, then the meat slices are cut and placed on bread and dipped in tomato sauce and butter and served with yogurt and grilled peppers. This dish is considered one of the Turkish heritage dishes and the legacy of the descendants of Muhammad Iskandar.

When you visit Turkey, be sure to eat an iskender kebab meal in one of the restaurants in Bursa, which is the original home of this dish. You can also spend the most beautiful times in the green Bursa and enjoy a distinguished tourist tour and visit the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey.

chi kofta:

It is one of the most famous popular dishes in Turkey, and its origin dates back to thousands of years from the Turkish south. It is somewhat similar to the famous “kibbeh” in the Levant, but it differs somewhat in its ingredients and spices. It consists of fine bulgur and special spices, and it was made with raw meat. Replacing meat with boiled potatoes because the government has prohibited the use of raw meat in its preparation in order to ensure the health of the citizen, and chi kofta has become a vegetarian meal with high nutritional value, and it has spread in many European countries due to its compatibility with European cuisine.

Wherever you go in the city of Istanbul, there is hardly a street or avenue without a restaurant that serves chi kofte. Be sure to try it, and drink a cup of cold ayran milk with your meal, which gives a delicious taste to your meal, as it is characterized by its hot flavor.

Balik Ekmek:

It is one of the famous and delicious dishes in the Turkish cuisine, consisting of a piece of fish fillet cooked in the Turkish way with slices of onions, tomatoes and leafy vegetables in addition to a special kind of bright Turkish spices, and there are many restaurants serving this meal in Istanbul in the historic Eminonu area, and restaurants scattered on the coast In the area, there are ships moored on the shore that were decorated in an old Ottoman costume that reflects the traditions and customs of the authentic Turkish society.


It is one of the most widespread popular dishes in Turkey and is similar to Turkish shawarma, except that it is made from sheep intestines, cleaned well with water and soaked with vinegar, lemon, salt, garlic, pepper and olive oil, and is grilled on a skewer casually, and is usually grilled on charcoal and the meal is served as a sandwich with salad And ayran.


It is a type of pastry, its origin dates back to the Black Sea regions, and it is prepared in a special way, and it uses meat, eggs, cheese, chicken, potatoes, spinach, etc., and it is considered a quick meal similar to the famous Italian pizza in the concept of its preparation and the variety of its flavors and additives, where you can order my hand with cheese only , or Mixed Bedi, it contains a lot of delicious ingredients, and other types that we recommend that you taste.


Its origin goes back to the Turkish city of Mersin, and it consists of shredded meat or chicken fried with olive oil and vinegar, with special spices added to it, and served with lemon slices, parsley and tomatoes. It is considered one of the most well-known popular meals in Turkey , and it is preferred by Arabs, as it is similar in its preparation and spices to Arab cuisine.

If you intend to visit Turkey this year, whether for tourism or real estate investment and are looking for apartments in Istanbul , you will have many tourist places in Turkey waiting for your visit, with the most delicious Turkish meals and dishes that you must try.

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