Foreign investors in general, and Arabs in particular, are interested in information about Turkish citizenship, and that.

The most important frequently asked ...

Date:Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Foreign investors in general, and Arabs in particular, are interested in information about Turkish citizenship, and that.

The most important frequently asked questions about Turkish citizenship

Foreign investors in general, and Arabs in particular, are interested in information about Turkish citizenship in order to obtain a passport that allows entry to about 100 countries after the Turkish government allowed foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for a bank deposit, buying a property or opening a huge project. Questions related to naturalization in this article.

The most important questions related to citizenship that foreign investors are generally interested in:

First, what are the options that open the way for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

- Academic degree: where university degrees, masters and doctorate degrees are considered among the most important elements for choosing the government

- When residing with the aim of working for a period of 5 years without interruption (provided that he does not leave Turkey for a period of more than six months during these years, and increases to eight years in the case of calculating half the years of study if the student continues to live in Turkey after that and obtains a job).

- When marrying a Turkish citizen, provided that he fulfills the following:

- The marriage must last for at least 3 years

* Proof that this marriage aims to create a family

* Not doing anything that proves otherwise

On economic investment:

- By purchasing real estate in Turkey for an amount of at least 250 thousand US dollars or its equivalent in Turkish currency, and not selling it for at least 3 years (but when buying a property with a lower value, Turkish citizenship is not granted, but a real estate residence is granted on the condition of obtaining a long visa The term is according to the title deed “Tabu” through the Turkish embassy or consulate in his country.

Or by placing deposits in the bank with a value of no less than five hundred thousand dollars, provided that the deposits remain in the bank for a period of three years.

Or invest a fixed amount of no less than 500 thousand US dollars.

- If a person has Turkish origins, he has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship after presenting the documents and documents necessary to prove this.

- In very exceptional and special cases, Turkish citizenship is granted by an official decision.

- Can I apply for citizenship when buying a property in installments?
Yes, it is possible, but provided that a full waiver is obtained from the construction company or the seller.

Is the property allowed to be used more than once?
It is prohibited to use the property more than once : This means that if the investor obtains Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property , this property cannot be used a second time by a different person to obtain Turkish citizenship , as he must invest in a property not previously registered .

Is it allowed to return the property to its original owner?
It is prohibited to resell the property to the original owner: after the specified period has passed, that is, after three years, and if this is done, the matter will be legally pursued and the Turkish citizenship will be withdrawn because this is considered a fraud against the law.

- Can the exceptional Turkish citizenship be withdrawn if fraud is confirmed?
If there is any forgery in the investor's official papers or real estate papers, Turkish citizenship will be withdrawn from the investor.

Can I apply for citizenship in a jointly owned property?
Submission can only be made if the real estate is registered in the name of one person only, as the jointly owned real estate cannot be used to obtain citizenship. With the exception of one case, the shareholder of the citizenship applicant has reached more than $250,000

Is it required to give up the first mother’s citizenship when obtaining Turkish citizenship?
This is not required, as you can continue to hold both nationalities. This comes in the event that the mother country allows you to hold two nationalities.

Is it possible to deposit the equivalent of 500,000 dollars in Turkish lira?
It can never be done in pounds or in any other currency other than the US dollar

Finally, what are the practical steps for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

According to the Turkish citizenship system, Article 19 of the law:

"Foreigners who want to obtain Turkish citizenship by a decision of the competent authority (which is the Ministry of the Interior in Turkey), and who have fulfilled all the conditions, must apply for citizenship and open a file in their name and send it to the Ministry of the Interior for consideration. After verifying the requirements and testing that submission and studying the Ministry For the cases of applicants and take what it deems appropriate, the Ministry grants the citizenship decision to them, while it will reject their applications after considering them, in cases where it does not consider that the applicants are suitable.

Those wishing for naturalization must submit an application to the Immigration Department in Ankara attached to the documents explaining his status and requesting them to grant him citizenship based on the conditions mentioned and attaching the following:

- birth certificate. (translated and documented)

- passport. (translator and notarized)

Marital status certificate: a marriage certificate or a certificate showing that the person is not married.

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