More than two thousand and five hundred years of history and civilizations that passed through the city of Istanbul, left to.

The most important reasons for you to visit Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

More than two thousand and five hundred years of history and civilizations that passed through the city of Istanbul, left to.


The most important reasons for you to visit Istanbul:

More than two thousand and five hundred years of history and civilizations that passed through the city of Istanbul, left it a great historical legacy.

A city that is hardly devoid of its neighborhoods of tourist places, as each neighborhood embraces a majestic historical landmark. And wherever you look in that city, you will find tall green trees everywhere, and the wide blue sea accompanies you on all roads.


Four empires passed through the city of Istanbul, namely the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Hegemony, and the Ottoman Empire. During these different eras, Istanbul remained the undisputed capital.

And Istanbul is considered the point where the East meets the West, and with its mixture and population diversity, it constitutes an artistic painting that shows the coexistence between different cultures throughout the ages.

Where you find ancient minarets towering high in the sky, and at the same time you meet historical churches and temples, bearing witness to the civilizations of nations that have passed through Istanbul and lived there in peace for ages.

The city of Istanbul has preserved its historical heritage, and the monuments remain unblemished. Such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, and Galata Tower

And because it is a mixture of multiple societies and cultures, it has produced a distinctive model of living that has left its traces in various fields of life, especially the Turkish cuisine, which is famous for the most delicious recipes and dishes around the world.

The most famous Turkish food:

Iskandar Kebab        

- Che kofte        

- Balak Ekmek        

- Kokorich        

- With my hand        

- Tantoni        

- Meat with dough        

 Shopping in Istanbul:

In the city of Istanbul, you will find stores, shops and shopping centers that meet all your needs. Some show you the history and culture of a great city, and others provide you with the latest high-quality goods. And the most famous shopping centers in Istanbul :

Mall of Istanbul        

Jawaher Mall        

Trump Tower Mall        

- Venice        

Marmara Park        

- Vialand        

- Zorlu Center        

Istanbul tourist attractions:

One of the most prominent features of this ancient city is the charm of its breathtaking nature. Istanbul will fascinate you with its beauty, expect you to be a prisoner of its love, push you to live in it against your will, it will steal you from your home city and make you come to it at least twice a year to spend the most beautiful days of your holidays in it. And where you can buy cheap apartments in Istanbul with distinctive places and wonderful views. Which provides you with a warm home in the center of Istanbul, which you come to whenever you miss it. Among the most beautiful tourist attractions in Istanbul:

Belgrade Forest        

Bosphorus Strait        

- Princes' Islands        

Büyükçekmece Lake        

Floria Beach        

Kucukcekmece Lake        

Girl's horoscope        

Galata Tower        

Historical mosques and museums        

Topkapi Palace        

Buying apartments in Istanbul:

The Turkish city of Istanbul was able to occupy the first place in the Arab world as the first destination for foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey, and it attracted Arab and foreign investors interested in the Turkish real estate market.

Those looking for villas for sale in Asian Istanbul and those interested in buying homes in European Istanbul.

Where real estate investment in Istanbul is considered one of the most prominent types of investments, as it is a safe and successful investment, as it provides high profit returns, and Istanbul real estate is distinguished by its prices that are suitable for all budgets. You can buy cheap apartments in Istanbul in new areas within Istanbul's high-end residential complexes, and if you are looking for absolute luxury and want to buy an apartment in Istanbul in a central area, you will find your request in the center of Istanbul at a price that fits your budget for real estate ownership in Turkey. You can also obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey with a value of $250,000 or more.

In this context, it is worth noting that real estate investment in Istanbul has several types, most notably:

Investing in shops, and buying the best hotel apartments in Istanbul, in addition to residential and office apartments. Real estate prices in Istanbul vary according to the location of the property, its type (commercial or residential), the age of the property, and whether the property is within a separate building or a luxury residential complex.

There are many reasons that encourage you to visit the Turkish city of Istanbul, which offers you an exceptional opportunity to enjoy and relax in the most beautiful part of the world, "God's Heaven on Earth". Istanbul

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