Many investors from different nationalities want to acquire a property in Turkey, and this is due to the most important.


Date:Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Many investors from different nationalities want to acquire a property in Turkey, and this is due to the most important.

Many investors from different countries want to acquire a property in Turkey, due to the importance of real estate in Turkey globally, as it has become comparable to its counterpart in other countries, especially in Europe.

Real estate offers vary between lands, apartments, huge residential complexes and single houses, and they are distributed over the entire Turkish territory, and not limited to a specific.

If you are thinking of real estate investment, or you love housing and residency in Turkey, we congratulate you on your right choice.

Apartments and real estate in Turkey are the focus of attention for major investors ...

Yes, it is, because of the importance of its location, the prosperity of its economy, the high standard of living, security and safety in this country, and many other factors ...

And these factors, worked to attract investors and residents from all countries, and also contributed to the increase in real estate investment activity in Turkey. The Turkish government supported this sector by issuing many laws that facilitate the process of buying and investing real estate, as well as reducing the value of fees and taxes that must be paid. For foreign investors in Turkey, and today the Turkish real estate market has become a competition for real estate markets in many developed countries.

What are the real estate investment options in Turkey?

The Turkish real estate market provides you with a lot of offers and options, and it varies between residential complexes, hotel apartments, lands, ready apartments in the city, apartments and ready houses in the suburbs, and apartments under or under construction.

What about buying an apartment under construction in Turkey?

The process of buying an apartment under construction in Turkey is a profitable and preferred type of real estate investment for many investors.

And this process has its pros and cons, which we will learn about in the following.

What are the advantages of buying an apartment under construction in Turkey?

The first thing we will start with is the price, as the price of the property or apartment under construction is much lower than the price of ready apartments, and this leads to a very profitable and successful investment if the correct steps are followed to make this deal successful.

The apartment under construction allows you to design, modify and divide the rooms according to what you want, you can also control the building materials and cladding and all the raw materials and furnishings as well, and sign the contract according to the agreement.

As for the negatives of buying an apartment under construction.

This process may expose you to attempts to procrastinate by workers or not to abide by the decisions agreed upon in the contract in terms of the quality of work in construction and cladding.

Now that you know the pros and cons of buying apartments under construction, it seems that you need some advice.

It is important to note the payment process, as it is not correct to pay the full amount of the apartment before you receive it, it is preferable to pay half of the amount first, and then the rest of the amount upon completion and delivery of the apartment.

In the event that you were subjected to certain obstacles, for example, you received your apartment and the paint was pink, while you requested the white color, in this case you must not receive the apartment and claim your right to abide by what is written in the contract.

It is also obvious that you verify the papers and documents required to complete this process in its legal and legal form.

Why resort to real estate companies in the context of your investment in an apartment under construction?

In the event that you need advice, you should go to real estate experts or reliable real estate companies in the region, where you will find a certain solution to any problem you face with these experts, and not with the residents of the region who do not have sufficient real estate experience and may claim that.

In addition, real estate companies in the region can provide you with many services that ensure that your investments in the region proceed smoothly.

And you can use real estate companies to market your apartment and find a buyer for it at any time you want.

By this, we have put our hands on a common investment issue in Turkey, as this type of project is a desire for many investors to implement on the ground, given the profits they achieve, and for their control over the features and specifications of the apartment unlike ready apartments.



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