Turkey is the first destination for Arab investors interested in the Turkish real estate market and researchers.

The Turkish city of Kastamonu under the microscope

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey is the first destination for Arab investors interested in the Turkish real estate market and researchers.

The Turkish city of Kastamonu under the microscope:

Turkey is the first destination for Arab investors interested in the Turkish real estate market and those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul in particular and homes in Turkey in general, and it is the most beautiful destination for tourists who love charming nature and followers of valuable antiquities around the world. Its tourist attractions vary between ancient ancient cities and picturesque natural places such as forests, beaches , mountains and charming nature reserves.

We highlight for you one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey , which is the city of Kastamonu, which is located in the north-central side of Turkey in an elevated basin on the southern side of the Black Sea coast. Its area, 21% is highlands and plateaus, and 3% is wide plains.

Historical overview:

Kastamonu is considered one of the ancient Turkish cities, and many great civilizations and empires passed through it. In the late eleventh century, it was ruled by the Seljuk Turks, then it was subjected to the rule of the Ottoman Empire in 1393 AD. In 1403, the city fell under the control of Timur, then the Ottomans regained it in 1460 AD.

Over the years, the city preserved its majestic monuments, and today it has become one of the most important tourist places in Turkey, as it has a charming nature and includes many historical landmarks that attract foreign and local tourists.

the landmarks of the city:

Byzantine Castle: The castle is located on a high rocky hill, which gives it a dazzling beauty and overlooks the city with an amazing panoramic view. period of time.

Banar Bashi Mountain: The mountain has been classified by UNESCO as a natural reserve. It includes 350 caves, of which 250 have been discovered to date, the most famous of which is the "Al-Far Eli" cave, which flows into a depth of more than 300 meters. Huts and wooden houses dating back to ancient times are spread on the outskirts of the mountain. for more than 250 years. The mountain attracts foreign tourists, including snow skiing enthusiasts in the winter and mountaineering enthusiasts in the summer.

Kastamonu Forests: The dense green forests make up more than 76% of the city's area, and the area gains a striking beauty with a rural nature that is very popular with tourists.

Evrynia Village: The village is located on the Black Sea coast, 105 km from the city center of Kastamonu, and lies among the city's forests. Thousands of tourists visit it every year to enjoy the atmosphere of pristine nature on the sea coasts. The peaceful town enjoys its ancient alleys and beautiful markets, in which all local products are available, where you can buy souvenirs for friends and family.


Wooden Suspension Bridge: On Sunday, November 17, the city of Kastamonu witnessed the inauguration of a 3,000-meter-long wooden suspension bridge on the sides of the abyssal Horma Valley, and the Directorate of Nature Protection and National Parks began working on the project in the "Banar Bashi" district in 2016. The suspension bridge extends over The length of the valley in the Currie Mountains National Park, and its height from the bottom of the valley is 60 meters.

The suspended wooden bridge is unique and the first in Turkey and is of great importance in terms of tourism. The bridge is expected to attract thousands of visitors this year, as it is a real masterpiece through which it crosses into the bosom of nature.

If you are planning to visit Turkey this summer with the aim of investing in obtaining Turkish citizenship and buying real estate in Istanbul and looking for villas for sale in Asian Istanbul or for the purpose of tourism and recreation, we recommend that you visit the Turkish city of Kastamonu to spend a pleasant vacation there away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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