Real estate investment in Turkey is the best type of investment in this period because of its positives that are .

Real estate investment in Istanbul: ...

Date:Monday, October 11, 2021

Real estate investment in Turkey is the best type of investment in this period because of its positives that are .

Real estate investment in Istanbul: tips and advice from experts

Real estate investment in Turkey is the best type of investment in this period because of its positives that are in the interest of the investor and return him to financial profitability, but for this type of investment there are things that must be taken into account for the investment to be successful, and investing in the real estate sector is a diversified investment that increases returns of it, the greater the risk.

What are the types of real estate investment in Turkey?

- Investing through the purchase of commercial real estate is investing in types of property that are not intended for housing, such as commercial offices, and shops.

Where it is possible to invest in buying offices and shops, and renting them or opening special projects in them, it is mentioned that tourist offices and Arab restaurants are among the leading projects in Turkey, from which investors reap a lot of profits.

- Investment through the purchase of residential properties, which are properties designed for residence for the purpose of housing, such as apartments, villas, palaces, and others.

It means investing in real estate used for residential purposes only, but the following must be taken into account

- You must choose a location close to the monuments or tourist attractions

- Or in the middle of shopping malls

- or near transportation lines

- The apartment can also be furnished with good furniture and bring all the household necessities and rent it furnished, and its monthly return will be much greater

- Vital areas can also be used, such as buying apartments in Istanbul near universities, and this ensures the presence of foreign students who are renting the apartment and benefit from the permanence of rent and the high demand,

- Advertising marketing also plays an important role in obtaining better options.

Investing in apartments under construction

It is possible to buy an apartment under construction in an area that witnesses modern infrastructure facilities such as building metro stations or universities, in this case you can get the property at a lower price than its price when it is ready.

- You can buy in installments, and with convenient payments for you.

- The selling price of the apartment after it is ready is 30-40% more than the price under construction, at least.

- You can get attractive real estate purchase offers, such as buying the first apartments in Turkey within modern projects, where the first sales are usually lower in price.

- Or get a low price if you pay a high down payment, or other encouragements provided by construction companies in Turkey.

What are the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey?

- The prices of apartments in Turkey are constantly rising due to foreign demand on an ongoing basis.

- According to the Knight Frank International Index, Turkey is among the largest global markets in the growth of real estate prices.

- According to Ernst & Young. Turkey is in the second place among the most attractive markets.

- Several other indicators nominate Turkey's real estate markets to provide the best achievements in the coming years.

- The scarcity of real estate of all kinds compared to the demand in the markets.

 Tips and advice from experts at FCC Real Estate

- You must check well the eligibility of the seller or the person responsible for selling the property, in terms of having the right to carry out the sale process, before starting any procedures.

- Ensure that there is no other owner or buyer of the property.

- You must also check well that the property you intend to invest in is free from the rights resulting from the mortgage, rent or any other rights.

- You must visit the property's website to ensure its validity and suitability for use, whether in housing, work, or the private purpose of purchasing it.

- Obtaining a copy of the property ownership contract to ensure that the previous owner did not make any form of transfer of ownership, as well as to ensure that there are no rights arising from it.

- Ensure that the area, specifications and information contained in the title deed match the shape of the property on the ground.

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