Have you ever drank Turkish tea? Turkish tea is characterized by its different flavor, which adds to its taste.

Turkish tea is a unique flavor with Ottoman originality

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Have you ever drank Turkish tea? Turkish tea is characterized by its different flavor, which adds to its taste.


Turkish tea is a unique flavor with Ottoman originality

Have you ever drank Turkish tea?

Turkish tea is characterized by its different flavor, which gives its taste a unique charm. Here in Turkey , tea is drunk in a different way as it is the first and favorite drink of the Turks.

The story of the difference between Turkish tea and our familiar tea, which comes from the land of Ceylon, begins with the way it is prepared, which gives it its distinctive sour taste. To prepare Turkish tea, a samovar, known in Turkey, or a double teapot is required. It is made in such a way that the smaller teapot sits above the larger teapot. Boiling water is placed in the large teapot, and the tea is placed in the small teapot, then it is closed tightly until fermentation and the full flavor is extracted from the tea while it is exposed to the rising steam. From the water of the bottom jug, tea is poured into the cup in a certain amount, and boiling water is added, and the quantities are determined by the person’s taste and according to his preference for the taste of tea.

Tea cultivation in Turkey:

Turkish tea cultivation is widespread in the northern cities, and the Turkish city of Rize, which is located in the northeast of the country, is famous for cultivating the best types of Turkish tea, which is exported to most countries of the world. Turkish tea is characterized by the fact that it grows in heights around the Black Sea, and it is a natural tea without chemicals, as it does not need these materials due to the high and very cold areas in which it is grown, as insects and pests cannot live and grow in these areas, and therefore Turkish tea is safe and maintains its properties And its benefits and purity.

Turkish tea culture:

When you visit Turkey for tourism and recreation, or for the purpose of real estate investment, and you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul and houses in Turkey , the first drink you will want to try is Turkish tea, due to its wide spread among all classes of Turkish society. Wherever you go and look in Istanbul , for example, you will find tea everywhere. Where the Turks welcome their guests by offering tea, through which they express love and respect.

In the culture of Turkish society, tea is the favorite drink and the first love, so the Turks start their morning by drinking a cup of tea with a piece of fresh "simm", and during the hours of the day in every Turkish house, tea is prepared and brewed according to its well-known origins. And when receiving guests or a family meeting, tea expresses the strength of its presence and its importance in the long winter evenings.

Turkish tea export:

The influx of Arab tourists to Turkey in general and the eastern Black Sea regions in particular contributed to reviving the tourism sector in Turkey on the one hand, and increasing the export of Turkish tea to the Arab Gulf countries on the other hand. According to data from the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union, the last six years have witnessed an increase in the amount of Turkish tea exported to Arab countries. The union stated that Iraq topped the list of countries that most imported Turkish tea last year, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked second, followed by the United Arab Emirates in the third place among the Arab countries that most import Turkish tea.

The cash value that entered Turkey from the tea export budget amounted to about two million and 719 thousand US dollars.

Benefits of Turkish tea:

Turkish tea is one of the most important and widespread drinks, and it is part of the culture of the Turkish people, who are among the most consuming people in the world. Turkish tea is known for its many benefits, as it is good for the heart and blood vessels, strengthens the body's immunity, promotes oral and dental health, also strengthens memory, helps in weight loss, and prevents wrinkles and acne.

If you are planning to visit Turkey in the near future, to spend your vacation in the most beautiful tourist places in the world , God's paradise on earth

Or you come to it with the aim of investing and you want to buy apartments in Istanbul to obtain Turkish citizenship, or you are looking for villas for sale in Asian Istanbul and the best hotel apartments in Istanbul . You must try a cup of authentic Turkish tea in one of the cafes overlooking the Bosphorus in Istanbul.

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