Istanbul is the most beautiful place to live in Turkey, and it is one of the most wonderful tourist places, as it attracts.

The 10 most famous areas in ...

Date:Friday, September 17, 2021

 Istanbul is the most beautiful place to live in Turkey, and it is one of the most wonderful tourist places, as it attracts.

The 10 most famous areas in Istanbul and their advantages

Istanbul is the most beautiful tourist place in Turkey, and it is one of the most wonderful tourist places. It attracts visitors from the East and Morocco. It is considered a link between Asia and Europe. It has many tourist treasures from palaces and mosques from the Ottoman era. It is accepted by all travelers who love to watch scenic views.

Residence in Istanbul has special advantages as it is the capital of beauty and nature, as it is a city that attracts the attention of millions of tourists and investors every year.

1- Başakşehir

One of the newly constructed areas and concerned with great interest by the Turkish government. It is also one of the most preferred areas by expatriates, especially Arabs, especially in the Kayaşehir area, given that it is a conservative area whose people are in harmony with eastern customs and traditions, not to mention an address of calm and stability. In addition to containing various services within high-end residential complexes.

Its proximity to bridges and airports made it an investment area full of modern urban projects.

Başakşehir also contains one of the largest natural valleys that includes a natural and archaeological park at the same time.
Başakşehir Lake is located on an area of ​​twenty-six thousand square meters, which is the largest artificial lake in Istanbul, surrounded by large areas of gardens, extending over three hundred thousand square meters, in addition to restaurants, game parks, private clubs, and cafes.. All this made it one of the most profitable areas in the real estate sector in Istanbul, where the area is very popular
It is very popular by real estate investors, to buy
Başakşehir real estate.

2- Beylikdüzü area

Here life in Turkey is modern, thanks to its huge towers of different heights, and the view of the Marmara Sea, which is covered with more glamor, and makes Beylikduzu an attractive destination for investors and foreigners who love sea views and novelty.

The area is divided into ten major neighborhoods, namely: Al-Jumhuriya neighborhood, Gurpinar neighborhood, Marmara neighborhood, Al-Yaqoubiyeh neighborhood, Adnan Kahwaji neighborhood, Buyuksehir neighborhood, Diriagzi neighborhood, Kavakli neighborhood, and Al-Sahel neighborhood.

The area also contains vast green spaces, gardens and forests, the most prominent of which is the Life Valley Park - Beylikdüzü, or the Green Valley Park, which is several adjacent connected gardens extending over large areas within the Beylikdüzü area adjacent to the Marmara Sea.

There are many residential complexes in Beylikduzu, and their prices vary for various reasons due to the apartments' spaces and their proximity to the metrobus.

3- Bahçeşehir district

The city of green gardens, famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, and its strong economic position; It combines a high-end, quiet life within residential complexes with comprehensive services and social and commercial facilities, with real estate investment in the new residential complexes in Istanbul, which means a practical and social life of the highest class.
Bahçeşehir district is located in the heart of Istanbul within the European side of the city, and within the boundaries of the municipality of
Başakşehir. It is easily accessible from all areas of Istanbul through the modern road network that surrounds it, in addition to the railway that connects Istanbul to the European side.

4- Kadikoy district

An area close to Uskudar also overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara, located close to the Bosphorus Bridge and the Maiden's Tower, which gives it a charming charm, and it is one of the most beautiful areas on the Asian side due to the large number of green spaces in it.

What makes the area an investment is the presence of Kadıköy Port, which is an important transportation hub in the city, linking the European and Asian sides across the Bosphorus Strait.

Kadikoy also includes various tourist attractions, such as Haydarpaşa Station, Brides Hill, Bostanci Park, Umbrella Street, which is one of the most beautiful streets of Istanbul, and Kadikoy Coast, which is one of the best tourist places in Istanbul, characterized by its clean beaches and clean water.


The luxurious Atakoy district is located in the European section of Istanbul, overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara, surrounded by an amazing network of public facilities, including transportation, vital and recreational facilities, and a charming beach. Convenience and luxury residential features.

Atakoy is characterized by its modern and eye-catching urban style, for residential complexes, integrating this with the presence of a corniche on the sea that appeals to all Istanbul residents, in addition to its proximity to the Metrobus line on the E-5 highway, as well as the presence of malls, hotels, high-end restaurants, and an integrated amusement park and nearby universities.

6- Uskudar 

An enchanting beauty area, the site of the first visits for tourists in Turkey within the Asian side, thanks to its proximity to the Maiden's Tower and its supervision of the Bosphorus Bridge.
The area is also linked to a long history.

Uskudar region is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, overlooking the sea, where the Bosphorus strait meets the Sea of ​​Marmara. The Uskudar region is surrounded by the districts of Kadikoy, Omraniye and Beykoz, and within its borders a hill rises two hundred and sixty-eight meters above sea level. On it was built the Shamilca Mosque, the largest mosque in Turkey .

7-The Omrania

The Omrania is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, in the Marmara Sea region, bordered to the west by Üsküdar, to the south by Kadıköy, to the east by Kartal and Sultanbeyli, to the north by Beykoz Beykoz), and Umraniye is one of the most growing areas of Istanbul in terms of population increase and real estate sectors.
The Omrania area consists of fourteen neighborhoods, six towns, and four villages, with a total area of ​​twenty-two thousand hectares.

The Omrania has been purely since ancient times Forests of pine trees, and was the first to be settled by the people of Phrygia (Frigya), then the Roman and Byzantine civilizations followed it.

In the Ottoman era, Sultan Ahmed made it a waqf for Sheikh Aziz Mahmud Al-Hadaei. In the early days of the Turkish Republic, the urban area belonged to the Uskudar region, and it remained among the villages until 1960, when it became organizationally an industrial area, and after the boom of industry in it and the arrival of more people to it, it took place. On its administrative independence and its own municipality in 1989.

8-Maslak area in European Istanbul

It is one of the important commercial areas in the heart of Istanbul, as it was newly built for this reason. It is characterized by luxury and high prices. It is also filled with luxurious palaces. It is also one of the strategic investment business centers, being close to Istanbul Airport, and only minutes away from the Bosphorus Bridge.

9- Bassin Express

The Basin Express area is located on the European side of Istanbul within the Bağcılar municipality, and its neighborhoods are scattered in the vicinity of the Basin Express highway linking Iketeli and Bahceli Evlar regions.

It is intermediate between the most vital areas in Istanbul, which increases its investment value. It is bordered to the north by Istanbul Airport and Basaksehir, to the south by Ataturk Airport and the Sea of ​​Marmara, to the west by Beylikdüzü and Avcilar, and to the east by Zeytinburnu.

10- Ayoub Sultan

Ayup Sultan, or as it is known in Old Istanbul, is one of the most famous and distinguished areas in Istanbul. It is located specifically in the center of the European part of Istanbul on the western side of the Golden Horn Bay and extends to the shore of the Black Sea.

Ayup Sultan is a charming area in Istanbul that was established after the conquest of Constantinople, and it was the first Turkish Ottoman settlement outside the walls of Istanbul on the western side of the Golden Horn. This area and the turnout of many visitors to see this important tourist landmark, which distinguishes not only Istanbul but Turkey in general.

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