The city of Istanbul is famous for its charming natural and ancient historical landmarks and embraces the most beautiful o.

The most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The city of Istanbul is famous for its charming natural and ancient historical landmarks and embraces the most beautiful o.

The most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul:

Istanbul is famous for its charming natural and ancient historical attractions and embraces the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey . The ancient mosques and historical palaces are among the most prominent landmarks of Istanbul that attract foreign tourists to it. As it is intended for tourists who love nature and history, Istanbul is the first and preferred destination for Arab and foreign investors who are looking for apartments for sale in European Istanbul and villas for sale in Asian Istanbul . Both the investor and the tourist are interested in knowing the tourist places in the city. The tourist attractions in Istanbul vary between green forests, charming beaches and ancient monuments. We highlight for you the most famous tourist attractions in Istanbul.

Istanbul tourist attractions

Khedive Palace:

The Khedive Palace is located in the Beykoz region on the Asian side of Istanbul, and it was built in 1907 by the famous Italian architect "Delfo Seminati" by order of the Khedive of Egypt, "Abbas Helmy Pasha". Khedive Abbas Pasha lived in it with his family after he was dismissed by a decision of Sultan Rashad V during Egypt's declaration of its independence from the Ottoman Empire.

One of the most prominent features of the Khedive Palace is the large garden that surrounds the palace and contains many types of trees, roses, and rare plants.

Engineering and design:

The palace was built in the Western style, and its area is about a thousand square meters. When you enter the palace, you will be amazed by the gold-plated door decorated with special symbols. At the top of it, a crown was drawn, and at the bottom a crescent and three stars, symbolizing the freedom of the Ottoman Empire. The walls of the palace are also decorated with various drawings and decorations, and the palace is distinguished by its high tower that overlooks the Bosphorus . There are four salons, including the crystal, alabaster, and wooden salons, in addition to two large rooms.

The circular section above the salon consists of two bedrooms and an en-suite bathroom.

The Istanbul municipality bought the palace after the Khedive left the city in 1930

However, it was not used much between 1937 and 1982, and was subjected to vandalism and damage.

It was restored in 1982, and two years after the restoration process, it was converted into a hotel, restaurant, and café.

It is considered a destination for local and foreign tourists, as there is a large restaurant inside it, and its garden contains a number of children’s games and sessions for families. It is also used in weddings, meetings and seminars. Tourists interested in historical monuments and antiquities are keen to visit the Khedive Palace when they visit Istanbul, because of its great historical value and being one of the best tourist places in Istanbul.

Belgrade forests in Istanbul:

Belgrade Forest is located on the northern side of Istanbul and extends over an area of ​​5,300 hectares and is a natural reserve for many types of plants and animals.

The Belgrade forests are characterized by the beauty of their nature, as there are different types of oak, beech and chestnut trees. It is the lung of Istanbul, a park for locals and a destination for foreign tourists who love nature.

While wandering among the Belgrade forests, you can enjoy watching a variety of animals, reptiles, and wild birds, such as ducks that inhabit the Belgrade forests and swim in its lakes.

You can visit the Ataturk Arboretum located in the forests, which contains rare plant species and about two thousand species of unique local and international flowers and roses.

We advise you to take a tour in the forest and hike by riding a bicycle or horseback riding, and if you are a fan of camping, it will be fun to spend a unique camping trip in the woods with a delicious meal of grilled meat in the open air.

If you intend to visit Turkey this year for the purpose of real estate investment in Turkey and to buy apartments in Istanbul in particular, and you are looking for apartments for sale in Turkey in general with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship or coming to it with the aim of tourism and spending the best times with family and friends in the arms of the charming Turkish countryside and the fragrant history authentic. We recommend that you visit the Khedive Palace and the wonderful Belgrade Forest to live a unique experience in which you will discover ancient monuments and civilizations.  

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