Buying real estate in Turkey is now faster and easier than ever before as changes in the fee.

What is commercial real estate?

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Buying real estate in Turkey is now faster and easier than ever before as changes in the fee.

What is commercial real estate?

Buying real estate in Turkey is now faster and easier than ever before as changes in legal procedures mean that in many cases real estate in Turkey can be purchased within only 24 hours and value-added tax reductions help to increase purchasing desire and to boost buyer confidence has become a profession The sale of real estate is also strictly regulated and real estate agents now need to be fully registered

First, what is commercial real estate?

They are those properties that are not used for the purpose of housing and living, they are those buildings used for offices and companies.

The commercial real estate market in Turkey is of special interest and is different from the residential real estate market. Where potential hotels, offices or shops are evaluated in a way that ensures the success of the investment and reaps its fruits

The attractive prices per square meter are a big draw. But the market conditions remain the same and certain aspects such as the location are of paramount importance.

Types of commercial real estate

Commercial real estate in Turkey varies, the first of which is the commercial office buildings in Turkey,

It is very important to have trusted and experienced real estate consultants before investing in commercial office buildings.

For example, the leading real estate investment and advisory company FCC offers real estate for sale to investors and researchers in Turkey with reliable services, advice and real estate guaranteed by the Turkish government.

In addition, a store or shop is a commercial property, So you can find the best option to buy a shop to start your business, invest in real estate in Turkey and rent it out to other dealers, or even operate through resale for a purpose that brings you great financial returns.

In addition, warehouses used for commercial purposes are considered as commercial real estate in Turkey, because the influx of foreign capital into Turkey indicates the increased confidence of companies in Turkey's economic strength.

We are not far from hotels in Turkey, because it is one of the most famous commercial real estate, the return on investment is great, because Turkey is characterized by its geographical location close to most Arab countries, in addition to its beautiful landscapes, as well as the mild climate in summer and winter, makes investing in tourist real estate in Turkey an option profitable.

What are the conditions to be met in the commercial store in Turkey?

• Easy access to the shop, through the main road, and public transportation

• To enjoy a strategic location, in the centers of life and various gatherings, preferably in the centers of cities and states and places of overcrowding.

• The location depends on the type of trade or office, and the target group

• There should be places designated for parking cars, or the means of transportation stopping in front of the commercial property.

• It is preferable to have an ATM, near the commercial store.

• Ensuring the presence of protection and cleaning services in Turkey's commercial real estate.

Advantages of commercial real estate:

The owner of the property does not have to deal with the expenses related to the repair and maintenance of the property or to develop it significantly, because in many cases he is a tenant and will deal with the property in a way that suits his work temporarily.

The flow of funds is excellent for a long period of time because the lease contract can extend for a long period of time, up to 6 years or more.

The real estate owner is not required to deal with the tenants, especially if the investment is large, he is not required to solve their problems or to collect rental costs because large real estate investments are often managed by real estate management companies whose task is to deal with all such matters without the need to bother you.
The tenants have good money because they are commercial or engaged in trading and selling.

Investing in commercial real estate

There is no doubt that investing in commercial real estate in Turkey has become the choice of major investors,

It should be noted that investing in commercial real estate has become one of the most important tools for developing the Turkish real estate market,

The Turkish government has issued a policy to encourage such commercial activities,

This is by facilitating their purchase of real estate and reducing traditional procedures, in addition to providing investors with the possibility to pay comfortable installments and partially and completely exempting them from certain taxes, granting them if they own property of a certain value the right of residence and Turkish citizenship.

Real estate tips for those who want to invest in commercial real estate in Turkey

When buying buildings, offices, hotels and all commercial real estate in Turkey, real estate experts must be consulted,

Where FCC Real Estate puts investors on solid and honest ground with long experience in the Turkish real estate market.

In general, it is not recommended to pay attention to the famous areas with high prices for housing, but to go to the most attractive areas for real estate investment in Turkish cities and areas under development, and approach new transportation projects such as airports. And railways and bridges, where prices in the first stages of establishment are very suitable for entry, instead of the price having reached the expected peak of the ready-made area.

Each type of commercial real estate has specific tips. For example, but not limited to, when buying commercial offices, some quality factors must be considered when choosing commercial offices, the most important of which are:

• To be near the main roads of the city

•  And that the office has an indoor or outdoor car park and valet parking service

•  And that windows can be opened in all rooms to improve ventilation

•  It must include technological infrastructure that keeps pace with important recent developments

•  In addition to central heating services, which are very important in commercial offices

•  And other advice, the only thing between you and a full understanding of it is to contact us and select the type of commercial property to advise you free of charge.

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