Get acquainted with us about the most beautiful natural lake in Turkey. Turkey is the favorite tourist destination for t.

Have you visited Sapanca Lake in Turkey before?

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Get acquainted with us about the most beautiful natural lake in Turkey. Turkey is the favorite tourist destination for t.

Have you visited Sapanca Lake in Turkey before:

Learn with us about the most beautiful natural lake in Turkey

Turkey is considered the favorite tourist destination for the Arabs, by virtue of its neighborhood with the Arab countries, the common historical heritage, and the cultural rapprochement between the Arab and Turkish society. Arabs prefer to spend their vacation in Turkey, as it embraces the most beautiful tourist places in the world.

The tour starts from the city of Istanbul, the capital of tourism and economy in the country, as Arabs visit it not only for the purpose of tourism, but most Arab investors are interested in the real estate market in Turkey as it is one of the strongest and most active real estate markets around the world. And thanks to the great facilities provided by the Turkish government to investors and the laws pertaining to foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey , especially the law granting Turkish citizenship to those who own real estate worth $250,000 or more.

The Arab investor is interested in looking for apartments for sale in European Istanbul and villas for sale in Asian Istanbul, so his first stop for investment and recreation will be Istanbul at the same time.

Not far from Istanbul, tourists prefer to go to the charming Sapanca Lake to spend a special day among nature in the beautiful Turkish countryside.


Sapanca is one of the most important tourist places in Turkey and is characterized by a picturesque nature that captures hearts and eyes.

Sapanca is located 138 km from the city of Istanbul, between the Gulf of Izmit and the Marj Adapazar area. It has an area of ​​about 45 km and is characterized by its fresh water, which reaches a depth of 52 meters.

 It is visited by tourists from all over the world to enjoy its pleasant weather in summer and its white visitor in winter. The snow covers the tops of the mountains in the region, making it a destination for skiing enthusiasts.

And you can rent a boat to take a wonderful tour in which you enjoy the beautiful landscapes, as the lake is surrounded by mountains and green hills. And if you are a fan of adventure, you should practice climbing to reach the top of the mountain .

There are also many restaurants and resorts on the outskirts of the lake. You can stay there to spend a quiet night full of stillness in the arms of nature and receive the dawn of your new day with an unparalleled view of its magic on earth.

Tourist places in Sapanca:

When you visit Sapanca Lake, you will have many activities and beautiful tourist sites that you have to discover. Here are some tourist places that we recommend you to visit in Sapanca:

Kartepe Mountain:

Mount Kartepe is located in the eastern region of Kocaeli Bay, overlooking the town of Sapanca and its famous lake. The mountain is 1,650 meters high, covered with tall trees, and is visited by tourists to enjoy nature and take a safari trip by renting safari vehicles with which they embark on an exciting mountain trip and live a sense of adventure and fun. It is also frequented by many skiing enthusiasts in the winter to practice their favorite sport.

Spanga cable car:

You must try riding the Sapanca cable car, which starts from the city center and reaches the top of Mount Kartepe. It will be a unique tour in which you will discover the sights of the town and enjoy the fresh air and stunning landscapes.

Sapanca Zoo:

If you are an animal lover, you will see in this unique reserve about 200 species of wild animals and 250 species of rare plants and flowers, and this park is one of the largest botanical zoos in Turkey. There is also a bird garden containing about 200 species, which is classified among the most beautiful gardens of Sapanca.

Maashouqia Village:

This village is considered one of the most beautiful Turkish villages , and it is dotted with various orchards and is characterized by its vast forests and charming natural waterfalls

Everyone who visits Lake Sapanca must tend the path towards Al-Mashouqia to spend a day of happiness and spiritual peace among the orchards and the roar of sweet waterfalls.


When you visit Sapanca, Turkey for the first time, it will steal your heart and make you fall in love with it. It will force you to return to it again and again. It will force you to buy a small house on top of the mountain overlooking the lake. You will visit it whenever you miss it.

FCC Real Estate Investment and Development Group in Turkey offers nature lovers who want to buy real estate in Turkey and who are looking for apartments for sale in Turkey and own apartments in Istanbul , not far from Istanbul and closer to the shores of the lake and the top of the mountain, offering them many distinctive projects with a wonderful view of Lake Sapanca. It is enough to contact us to book your new home in the paradise of the earth, Sapanca.

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