Man searches in his life for safety and stability. Wherever he finds safety, he can establish touch.

Do you want to live in Turkey?

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Man searches in his life for safety and stability. Wherever he finds safety, he can establish touch.

Do you want to live in Turkey?

Man searches in his life for security and stability. Wherever he finds safety, he can establish his future and the future of his children without feeling fear or anxiety.

And in light of the difficult conditions that some Arab countries suffer from. Large and small capital owners are now looking for a safe destination to move their businesses and establish a stable life.

With the different reasons that make a person move to live in another country, everyone is looking for a country that provides them with means of comfort and safety. It takes into account the study of the social culture of that country, educational level, cost of living, and others. Turkey is considered the first destination in which the Arab citizen wants to live and settle.

Why Turkey:

There are many reasons that drive many Arabs to choose Turkey as a destination to live, most notably the political and security stability and economic prosperity that the country is experiencing. In addition to the cultural rapprochement between the Arab and Turkish society, where Arabs and Turks combine many common customs and life details. On the other hand, the Turkish government offers many facilities to Arabs wishing to buy apartments in Istanbul and other Turkish cities to move and live in, not to mention granting Turkish citizenship to anyone who owns real estate in Turkey worth $250,000.

It should be noted that hundreds of Arab families who used to live in Europe and America moved to live in Turkey. They invested their money in various industrial and commercial fields, the most prominent of which was the purchase of real estate in Istanbul with the aim of benefiting from the high profitable returns provided by Istanbul real estate.

When you make the decision to move to Turkey, you must take into account several important things

Actions to take:

- Start learning the Turkish language, so that you can manage your routine affairs and communicate with others, despite Turkey being one of the most important tourist countries in the world. It attracts millions of tourists annually, but the Turkish people only speak the Turkish language, and this comes from their pride in their culture and the preservation of their cultural heritage. There are many applications and websites that contain the basics of learning the Turkish language. Rely on them before moving, which helps you learn the language and accelerate your integration into society and your understanding of Turkish culture and customs.        

- Before moving officially, we advise you to visit Turkey on a tourist trip to get to know more about the country and choose the best city to live in.        

- You have to rely on yourself and move between the regions via public transportation, and we recommend that you use the rapid transit transportation "the metro and the metro bus", as the Turks mainly depend on it. Here you can know the places and their locations and how to go to any place you want easily.        

- Visit the popular markets that meet all your needs, and get to know the huge commercial shopping centers.        

- During your first tourist trip, and after taking a tour of the beautiful tourist places in Turkey, visit the residential places, for example if you want to settle in Istanbul, and you are looking for apartments for sale in European Istanbul, we recommend that you visit the high-end residential areas such as Basaksehir and Bahcesehir, Zeytinburnu, Beylikduzu and others. These areas in Istanbul are more attractive to Arab communities. It would be good to live in an area where Arabs live, especially in the first stage, so that you do not feel alienated and isolated, and although the Turkish people are friendly and kind, you will not be able to integrate without mastering the Turkish language.        

- Communicate with Arab real estate companies, which help you choose the apartment that best suits your requests and needs, take you on a field real estate tour to visit residential projects and get to know the areas in the city, and protect you from falling into the trap of weak souls who try to exploit your lack of knowledge of real estate prices in Turkey . Where the prices of houses in Turkey differ from one city to another, for example, the prices of apartments in Istanbul are higher than the city of Bursa.        

After reviewing some of the details of life in Turkey, you are now ready to make the right decision, which came after thorough study and deep thinking.

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