Istanbul New Airport is one of the newest and largest airports in the world, located northwest of the.

The impact of Istanbul Airport ...

Date:Thursday, October 7, 2021

Istanbul New Airport is one of the newest and largest airports in the world, located northwest of the.

The impact of Istanbul Airport on the Turkish real estate sector

Istanbul New Airport is one of the newest and largest airports in the world, located northwest of the city in the Arnavutköy district. Turkish President Erdogan officially opened the airport (Istanbul Airport) on October 29, 2018, which is Turkey's National Day. On the weekend of April 6, 2019, it replaced Istanbul Atatürk Airport as the main passenger airport serving Istanbul.

Constantly, Istanbul Airport and Turkish Airlines are winning more international and local awards, due to their readiness, distinguished location and advanced specifications, compared to other airports and other airlines in the world.

The importance of the new Istanbul airport:

This huge project has given the city of Istanbul additional strategic importance and worked to create a transportation network and new transport routes that construction and real estate companies in Turkey have worked to exploit and employ in order to achieve an additional benefit. Therefore, we find that the construction of the new Istanbul Airport has been reflected in a very positive way. On real estate prices in Turkey.

Many find that the real estate investment sector in Turkey is the sector that benefits the most from the new Istanbul airport project and the accompanying transportation network, as the prices of real estate located near the airport or in the surrounding areas have witnessed an impressive jump due to its strategic location and value. High investment and real estate experts expect that real estate in the vicinity of the airport will witness more growth and gain additional importance due to the international importance that this airport enjoys and thanks to the projects of rapid transportation lines that connect the airport with the rest of Istanbul, which contribute to raising prices More and more real estate, as the areas through which these roads pass are witnessing a qualitative leap in the investment value of its properties such as Besiktas, Sisli, Kagt Hani, in addition to the Eyup and Arnavutkoy regions.

 What is the impact of Istanbul Airport on real estate and what are the affected areas?

The real estate sector is one of the most prominent sectors affected by the launch of the new airport, so the search for real estate for investment in Istanbul increased, especially in the areas adjacent to the airport, led by Arnavutkoy, which witnessed an increase in real estate prices by 0.22% due to its close proximity to the new airport, and the percentage of rents in This area has a value of 3.85%, and experts estimated the investment life of the property at 25 years.

Beşiktaş district in Istanbul:

Real estate prices in this region have risen remarkably since the start of the operation of the new Istanbul airport and the launch of its transportation network, one of whose express lines passes through this region, as the average price of one square meter in any real estate in Beşiktaş district in Istanbul has reached ten Two thousand two hundred and twenty-two Turkish lira, and according to real estate analysts, the average expected investment life for real estate in such an area is approximately thirty-five years, and the investment value of real estate in the Beşiktaş region is expected to witness an increase equal to zero, one percent.

Depending on the annual increase in the value of real estate investments, the neighborhoods that have witnessed the greatest growth in the investment value of their properties can be classified as Delictaş, Etilar, Ulus and Levent.

The impact of Istanbul's new airport on Esenyurt:

One of the most important areas affected by the new Istanbul airport is the Esenyurt area, due to its easy access through it, and the Esenyurt area has benefited from the new airport with:

-Real estate prices increased by 8.33%.

-Rental income increased by 20.85%.

-The average price per square meter has reached 2243 Turkish liras

-The average home rental price has reached 960 liras

-The estimated life of real estate investment in Esenyurt is 20 years

-The impact of Istanbul Airport on the Başakşehir area:

While the Başakşehir area was one of the areas that benefited the most from the new Istanbul Airport, it is the closest to it!!

It has benefited from:

- Real estate prices increased by 7.94%.

- Increase in rental income by 7.32%

- The average price per square meter has reached 3496 Turkish liras

- As for the average home rent, it reached 1,600 Turkish liras

- Estimated age of real estate investment in Basaksehir (26 years)

- The effect did not stop at those areas only. Changes and increases in real estate rates and prices have been made in many other important areas, such as Bahceşehir and Ispartakule, as well as Beylikdüzü.

If you are planning to enter the real estate market in Istanbul, you should see some of the real estate tips that FCC Real Estate Investment Group offers you, because the basis for the success of any investment is full knowledge of the sector in which you intend to work, and in this context we put in your hands our long experience in the real estate market We offer you the most important tips that you must follow before starting your investment in Turkey.

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