Istanbul is the most famous tourist city in Turkey and the first destination for foreign tourists from every.

The covered market in Istanbul is a shopping experience steeped in history

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Istanbul is the most famous tourist city in Turkey and the first destination for foreign tourists from every.

The covered market in Istanbul is the pleasure of shopping in the depth of history:

Istanbul is the most famous tourist city in Turkey and the first destination for foreign tourists from all over the world. This is because it includes the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey , where there are many tourist attractions, so wherever you go in Istanbul, you will find the sea as your companion, and the tall trees hugging the ceiling of the city sky. It has a pleasant climate throughout the year. On the other hand, Istanbul attracts Arab investors and businessmen interested in the Turkish real estate market and those looking for apartments for sale in Turkey , apartments for sale in European Istanbul, or villas for sale in Asian Istanbul.

The city of Istanbul is the first commercial and economic center in the country, and the largest commercial markets, both modern and archaeological, spread in it , and because Istanbul is as old as history and embraced many civilizations, the last of which was the Ottoman civilization, those civilizations were reflected in the city and left many traces of it. Today we are talking about one of the most important ancient markets in Turkey and Istanbul, which is the covered market or what is known as the "Grand Bazaar".

The covered market in Istanbul:

The construction of the covered market dates back to the year 1461 AD after the conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, where he ordered the construction of a commercial market serving the Hagia Sophia and Sultan Ahmed area. Until it became the main market for the capital of the Ottoman Caliphate. The market merchants began to build a roof for it, and it became completely covered, in order to protect shoppers from the sun in summer and from rain in winter. The covered market in Istanbul is considered one of the largest covered markets in the world, and it consists of 60 streets and includes more than 5,000 shops.


The area of ​​the market is about 30 hectares, and it is famous for the variety of products offered by the shops. It also includes handicraft shops whose owners are skilled in many crafts. Each section of the market is named according to the crafts spread in the section, such as the gold market, the silver market, the textile market, the spice market, the sweets market, and others.

The market is also surrounded by 18 main gates, the most important of which is the Ottoman Nour Gate, on the facade of which the emblem of the Ottoman Empire was drawn, the Al-Munajdin Gate, the Mahmoud Pasha Gate, and the Bayazid Gate. Inside the market, there are four fountains, two mosques, and many restaurants and cafes that attract tourists to take a break and taste some Turkish food after a long shopping tour. It contains the largest historical safe, which is an old safe that was used to store jewelry and valuables.

The covered market in Istanbul is a tourist destination:

The Grand Bazaar Market is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Istanbul, and receives more than half a million visitors daily, between foreign tourists and locals who buy their needs from the Grand Market. Among the most prominent features of the covered market is its unique location in the heart of the historic city in central Istanbul, as it is frequented by those who leave the Grand Mosque after prayers, especially on Fridays. It is one of the most important historical monuments in Istanbul and has great moral value for the Turks. It was once a center for the stock exchange during the Ottoman era.

You can wander around the covered market for hours. You will be confused among the many shops that sell artifacts, antiques, copper tools, silk carpets, gold, traditional jewelry, precious stones, leather clothes, and valuable souvenirs.

The covered market was subjected to severe earthquakes, storms, and devastating fires, but it was rehabilitated and restored after every disaster that befell it. Its first restoration was in 1984 after a strong earthquake. Today, it stands steadfast despite the nose of disasters, wars and fires, attesting to the history of Istanbul and includes thousands of stories among its doors.

If you are visiting Istanbul for tourism and enjoy discovering its beautiful landmarks, or with the aim of investing in the real estate market in Turkey and want to buy  apartments in Istanbul  or apartments in Turkey in general with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property in Turkey , you must visit the covered market and enjoy a shopping tour deep in history.

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