Turkey attracts millions of tourists throughout the year, as it embraces the most beautiful tourist places in the world

Have you visited the Turkish city of Risa before?

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey attracts millions of tourists throughout the year, as it embraces the most beautiful tourist places in the world

Turkey attracts millions of tourists throughout the year, as it embraces the most beautiful tourist places in the world. It is also visited by Arab investors looking for apartments for sale in Turkey and apartments for sale in Istanbul with the aim of investing, obtaining Turkish citizenship, and spending annual holidays and recreation there. And between green forests, high mountains, valleys, beaches and blue lakes, Turkey will baffle you with its charm and beauty.

We chose for you one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey and the most attractive for local and foreign tourists, which is the city of Rize. This green and wide spot opens all the gates of paradise to its visitors, opening a wide window for them to escape from the annoying noise of the city and join the stillness of nature.


To the eastern side of northern Turkey, on the Black Sea coast, the city of Risa shines with its charming nature and breathtaking scenery that captures hearts and captures eyes.

The city is famous for growing tea, as it is the first source of tea in Turkey , and it has been called the City of Tea

It was inhabited by the Greeks during ancient times, and they named it Risa, which means in Greek the beauty of the mountains. The Greek rule of the city continued for a long period, then the Byzantines took control of it until 1080 AD, when the Seljuk Turks conquered it and annexed it to the cities under their control.

The city of Rize extends over an area of ​​250 square kilometers and has an estimated population of about 400,000 people. Its climate is mild and humid, and it rains heavily in winter. It is about 1229 square kilometers away from Istanbul

The most beautiful tourist places in Rize:

The city of Risa includes the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey and attracts tourists to it all seasons of the year, and even in winter, ski lovers come to it, as snow covers its high mountains to increase its beauty and charm. If you are going to visit Turkey soon, for the purpose of tourism or investment and want to buy apartments in Istanbul and buy homes in Turkey in general, you will have an ideal opportunity to visit the city of Rize at any time of the year to enjoy its natural beauty. Here are the most important tourist places in Risa:

Ayder Village: which is located on a green plateau dotted with farms and waterfalls and surrounded by valleys, plains and mountains

There are hot baths in the village that tourists visit for recreation and treatment. Kayaking enthusiasts also come to practice it across the river linking Ayder and Trabzon. The village is famous for producing the finest types of Turkish honey. Kiosks selling honey are spread on the town's roads. Honey is exported abroad in large quantities due to its fame and quality.

Black Sea Coast: The Black Sea is characterized by the purity and beauty of its waters. You can stay in one of the Risa hotels and resorts or one of its rural houses overlooking the Black Sea coast

Galen Tolo Falls : It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls that you may see in your life and extends across the Ayder Mountains among the green trees to form an amazing painting.

Chagran Kaya Peak: Chagran Kaya Peak is one of the best tourist places in Turkey. You will live among the clouds, surrounded by white clouds from every direction, with a unique view of a piece of paradise. You will enjoy with family and friends barbecues in the bosom of nature.

Rize Castle: It is located on a hill covered with trees southwest of Rize, 150 meters above sea level

Visiting the castle will take you back to ancient times and enjoy the panoramic view of the city of Rize while sipping your coffee in the café on top of the castle.

Wadi Shat Village: It is one of the most beautiful villages in the Turkish city of Risa, in the middle of a group of green and high mountain ranges, and is a unique destination for lovers of pristine nature.

On your next visit to Turkey, be sure to allocate several days of your trip to visit the city of Risa. If you come to Turkey for work and investment and are interested in the real estate market in Istanbul , you can visit it after you have completed the procedures for buying an apartment in Istanbul . Who among us does not want to spend an enjoyable trip among nature in Beautiful Turkish countryside.

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