The experience of visiting and touring Istanbul is one of the most special experiences, and during this roaming.

The most famous bazaar in Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The experience of visiting and touring Istanbul is one of the most special experiences, and during this roaming.

One of the most beautiful cities in the world has unique details and places that are not repeated anywhere else, so the experience of visiting Istanbul and touring it is one of the most distinctive experiences, and during this wandering you must encounter markets called bazaars, which are popular markets that are held for a day or two in The week is in a specific place or neighborhood, and the market is open and distinguished by its oriental character, as its origins go back to an ancient tradition since the Ottoman times , and all of this makes it the most suitable destination for buying souvenirs and the famous traditional Turkish products. There are 358 bazaars in Istanbul alone, of which 423 are in the European region and 115 are in the Asian region .


What are the most famous bazaars in Istanbul?

Beşiktaş Market Beşiktaş :

It is the cheap bazaar in Istanbul that opens on Saturdays and is characterized by cheap prices, which are 65% cheaper than other markets in Istanbul. It offers food and beverage products, clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry , souvenirs and textiles.


Ortakoy market :  

It is held in the Ortakoy district of Istanbul , and contains small adjacent shops in the form of wooden huts, selling traditional Turkish accessories and souvenirs.


Wednesday (Fatih) Bazaar Fatih Pazarı :

It is a bazaar that takes place every Wednesday, and receives people from 9 am to 7 pm, and it is considered one of the most famous and largest weekly bazaars in Istanbul and includes adjacent kiosks selling various types of commodities such as fruits, vegetables, clothes, shoes, and household items. The Fatih Bazaar consists of 7 main streets and 17 secondary streets of historical alleys, and it extends over an area of ​​15.62 square kilometers near the Fatih Mosque in Istanbul.


The covered market in Istanbul or the Grand Bazaar :

It is a market that is considered one of the largest historical complexes in the world and one of the largest and oldest popular markets in Istanbul, as it is more than 550 years old . The market, houses and mosques in this area are all built under one roof.

The Istanbul Grand Bazaar extends over an area of ​​30,000 square meters and includes 80 streets and contains about 4,400 stores and more than 40 khans . It opens its doors from 9 am to 8 pm .


Arasta Pazar :

The Rasta Bazaar is located behind the famous Sultan Ahmed Mosque in the center of Istanbul . It was built in the Ottoman era . Souvenirs, sculptures, Turkish memorials, hand-woven textiles, embroideries, and carpets are sold in this bazaar. The bazaar is distinguished by its decorations, lanterns, and beautiful chandeliers that hang from its ceiling, as it attracts a large number of tourists.


بازار Yesilkoy :

It is located in the Yesilkoy area (meaning the green village) , and this bazaar includes nearly 2,000 stalls, and high-quality products are available in it. It is distinguished by silk scarves and Turkish handbags, in addition to women’s goods, and it also contains a number of cafes.


Kadıköy Market

The Kadioki Bazaar is held on Tuesdays and Fridays of every week in the Kadioki district in the Asian section of Istanbul. It includes more than 2,000 shops selling traditional and traditional Turkish products of all kinds.


Fındıkzade Bazaar :

The Zada ​​Hotel bazaar is held on Fridays and is located in the Fatih district in the center of Istanbul. It is characterized by cheap prices , as it includes home furnishings, copper products , household utensils and utensils, Turkish spices , clothes, shoes and other products that attract Turks and foreigners. The Zadeh Hotel bazaar is open from 9 am to 8 pm.

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