Customs and traditions that may seem strange to Arabs and foreigners who live in Turkey or visit it.

Customs and traditions of the Turkish people

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Customs and traditions that may seem strange to Arabs and foreigners who live in Turkey or visit it.


Each country is distinguished by its customs and traditions from another country based on the geography of the location and its religious beliefs, while the customs and traditions of the Turkish people are distinguished by a mixture of eastern and western civilization, as they are located in the continents of Asia and Europe, which made them more open to the customs of other peoples, and the customs and traditions of the Turkish people did not change, but the Turkish people remained Adhering to his habits on all occasions, despite urbanization in the age of technology.

Customs and traditions that may seem strange to Arabs and foreigners who live in Turkey or visit it for the purpose of tourism. The Turks, like other peoples, have customs linked to their history and culture that govern their social behaviour.

Although they share many customs with the Arabs by virtue of their geographical proximity and common religious character, they have customs that distinguish them from other peoples, most of which date back to the Ottoman era.

To get acquainted with these customs and beliefs, and to avoid embarrassment in dealing with the Turks, come with us on a tour of the most prominent customs spread in this society, which are still practiced from ancient times to this day.

Habits of a cup of tea :

Wherever you go in Turkey and at any time, the Turks will offer you a cup of hot tea, as a form of hospitality, welcoming you and getting to know you . On the other hand, you should not refuse to drink this cup of tea. Tea is the most widespread popular drink in Turkey, and all Turks drink it young and old at all times, and for many of them it is no less important than water, as confirmed by an  international study in which it ranked first in Turkey in tea consumption.


The habit of kissing the hand:

According to the rules of etiquette, it is customary for Turks to kiss the hand of an elderly person and place it on the forehead when greeting to show their respect to him, but they do not do this to people of the same age group or younger, because that would be insulting .


Among the most famous customs and traditions of the Turkish people in marriage:

* The bride offers coffee with salt, and the groom must drink it all as an expression of his love and appreciation for his bride. The groom presents a simple gift such as roses and a simple ring for the purpose of engagement.

* The bride's mother cuts the red ribbon that connects the bride's ring with the groom's ring, as an expression of the bride's start of her new life away from her parents. 

* The bride must look at herself in the mirror before leaving her family's house, as this is evidence that her married life will last for a long time.

* Placing Turkish flags on the groom's house by the groom's friends, and apples and onions are placed above the flag.

* The Turkish bride wears a white dress decorated with red ties on her waist, and then the wedding begins.


Henna night

One of the most important Turkish customs that the Turkish people still practice today is the night before the wedding day, in which the bride wears a red dress, and it is a night reserved for girls only. The bride must cry that night, as her friends sing a number of songs, and this is considered the most important event that night .


As for the customs and traditions of the Turkish people in Ramadan :

A billion Muslims around the world celebrate the advent of the month of Ramadan, as it is the month of mercy and forgiveness, in which the Qur’an and revelation were revealed, and all Muslims around the world share the pre-dawn and breakfast meals, perform Tarawih prayers, give alms to the needy, and uphold the ties of kinship, and do a lot of good deeds and supplications, asking God for help in doing acts of worship in this month .

The Turkish people call the month of Ramadan the name of the Sultan of the Months, and all mosques in Turkey are decorated with light banners with messages of welcome to the month of Ramadan written on them . One of the most famous Turkish dishes is Daoud Pasha Kofta and Pide Pies.







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