Certainly, there are several ways in Turkey to register a mobile phone in Turkey. First, you can do.

How to register a mobile phone in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Certainly, there are several ways in Turkey to register a mobile phone in Turkey. First, you can do.


In the beginning, there is a question on the horizon about what is the registration of a mobile phone in Turkey , what does this matter mean? First of all, it is known that the prices of mobile phones in Turkey are very expensive and many people are unable to acquire them, and therefore they prefer to bring them from outside Turkey from a place where the price of the mobile phone is within Reasonable circle, but after the mobile phone is in your possession and three months have passed since it was with you, the Turkish government will automatically separate it because it did not pass through its command and it was beyond its control and was not subject to its laws, but is there any way in which the individual can have his mobile phone effective within a legitimate method that is not subject to to stop?

What is the way to register a mobile phone in Turkey ?

The first method:

Of course, there are several ways in Turkey to register a mobile phone in TurkeyFirst, you can do this transaction via the Internet, and for this you will need a Turkish national number, and this method of registration is simple and smooth, as it is a service for you only, and to carry out this electronic transaction we need to take several steps, the first step you have to go to the Turkish email branch and ask From them, get their e-mail so that you can communicate with them via the Internet. As for the second step, you have to enter this site, especially the services section of it, and choose the fifteen-digit IMEI record. Now, after all these steps, a blank sheet will appear in front of you on the screen in order to fill it with the information you need. It will be mentioned to you. This paper is divided into three sections. In the first section, you will enter your personal information such as your number, name, and other information about you. In the second section, you will record information about your mobile device, and in the last section, you will enter your passport details.You must also mention the date of your presence in Turkey .

The second method:

This method is somewhat more difficult than the first method. First, you have to go to a bank in Turkey and submit a copy of your passport, along with your entry permit to Turkish territory. You must also pay the tax amount and obtain a receipt in it, because you will take it with you when you go to the telecom company.

What is the difference between the old and new mobile registration method:

Of course, the modern method of registering a mobile phone in Turkey is more beneficial because it is easy and short in time as well. In the old method, you had to go to the Turkish Information Department and the Tax Department in addition to your telephone company to obtain the tax paper from them, and then go to the tax center to pay the tax. And later, in the last step, you will go to the Turkish Information Service in order to install the registration with them, and we find that this old method is somewhat complicated that makes one resent it.

Important points that you should be well aware of regarding mobile phone registration in Turkey:

It is very important to realize that every two years you have the right to register a new mobile phone in your name, and without that period you cannot do this at all, and your passport must have a stamp from the Turkish state guaranteeing you permission to cross its lands, and if this stamp is not available, then it will be Seizing your passport from customs security, in addition to that you should know that buying a mobile phone from outside the Turkish borders is strictly prohibited, and therefore when you pick it up while it is in your possession, it will be confiscated until you pay a financial penalty for it.

What is the cost of Turkifying a mobile device :

Of course, as is common in Turkey, to make the mobile phone Turkish, you will need to pay a lot of money for it. Sometimes the amount may reach three quarters of its original price, i.e. eighty percent. The matter makes the hearts of strangers to Turkey fear because their presence within the Turkish lands means that they will incur the trouble of paying exorbitant sums for their phones, and there are many of them who will hesitate a lot before taking this step because the tax that will be paid may be at the price of the mobile phone .But if we research this issue well, we will see that the Turkish state, when it imposed this fine, did not aim at all to impose punishment on the people. It is about fifty US dollars, but now it has reached one thousand five hundred Turkish liras, or about two hundred and forty US dollars, and this is a very strong jump, and as some see it as an inevitable disaster.

What are the banks that accept mobile phone Turkification tax payment ?

There are many banks that are moving in this field, the most important of which are Ziraat Bank, Anatolian Bank, Waqf Bank, Asia, Shukr Bank, and many others that we will not be able to mention all of them.

The Turkish government has never tolerated such a matter, as it was and still insists on its position regarding the customs of mobile devices that come to it from neighboring countries . .



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