It is a fast railway network that serves the city of Istanbul and is operated by the Istanbul Metro Company, ?.

Metro lines in Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

It is a fast railway network that serves the city of Istanbul and is operated by the Istanbul Metro Company, ?.


It is a fast railway network serving the city of Istanbul that is operated by the Istanbul Metro Company, a public corporation run by the municipality.

The oldest part of the metro is the M1 line , and today the metro has 82 stations in service, and another 62 stations under construction .

The system consists of six lines named M1 , M2 , M3 , M4 , M5 , and the M6 ​​mini metro .

Construction work for the first modern railway system began in 1989. The M1 line was initially called the "Hafif Metro" (which in Arabic means "light metro"). It was later expanded from Aksaray towards the western suburbs of the city, reaching Ataturk Airport in the southwest in 2002 .

The construction process of the M2 line began on September 11, 1992, but it faced many challenges due to the discovery of many archaeological sites during the excavation process, which contributed to slowing down or even stopping many stations.

Because of the seismic activity in Istanbul, the entire network was built using the excavation and filling method, which resists earthquakes with a magnitude of 9.0 on the Richter scale . This line is 8.5  km (5.3 mi) long and contains 6 stations that are similar in shape but of different colours. A northern expansion of the line from Levent to Maslak was also opened. In 2014, the southern expansion of the M2 line entered from Taksim to Yenikapi passing through the Golden Horn via Halych station on the bridge and underground across the historic peninsula. The length of the expansion is 5.2 km with four stations , and it also intersects The M2 line in Yenikapi with the M1 line and the Marmaray line .


The metro is one of the best means of transportation in Istanbul, as it takes you to a large number of the most prominent landmarks and tourist places in the city, among which tourists mainly travel.

It is not difficult to travel on a train in Istanbul, but you must know the route of the metro lines in order to be able to travel through them.


Works are continuing to complete advanced stages of Istanbul metro lines, in preparation for activating and launching them during 2020, including:


Istanbul metro lines 2020 easier transportation to the larger city:


This huge project, which will see the light, will have a great impact on facilitating life in many ways .

At a time when Istanbul is witnessing an abundance of means of transportation , we also see that the Istanbul metro lines are the most important among them, for the following reasons :

*- The speed of access through the metro .

*- The metro line is away from the crowds .

*- Accuracy of time in moving between stations .

In addition to the Istanbul metro lines 2019, work is underway to open the stations of the Istanbul metro lines 2020, and the traveler coming to Istanbul will be able to travel via the Istanbul metro from the airport to the place he wants along this beautiful city .


New Istanbul metro lines 2020 :


Construction work continues for three new lines, which the Greater Istanbul Municipality planned to open in this year 2020.

So what are the new Istanbul metro lines ?

Where do you pass?


Istanbul Sabiha Airport Metro (Sabiha Airport - Taoshantepe) :


It is the first metro to be constructed for Sabiha Airport, and the new metro line will make access to Sabiha Airport much easier than before .

 The line extends for 7.40 km, and it takes the passenger 11.5 minutes to cross it, passing through five stations.

 are :

Sabiha Airport, Yayalar Industrial Zone, Hospital and Taoshantepe


Istanbul metro line (Dudulu - Bostonci):


The Dudullu-Bostancı line will extend at a length of 14.30 km, and the journey time will be 15 minutes .
This line will pass through 13 stations.


Third Line (Bogazici Hisarosto Achiyan - Funicular):


It will extend for a length of only 800 meters, and the passenger journey will take 2.5 minutes, and it will consist of two stations.


According to Turkish media sources, the new Istanbul Airport metro line is expected to be opened in the first phase at the end of this year 2020. The new Istanbul Airport metro will link between central Istanbul and the new Istanbul Airport. - Gokturk - Kemarbergaz) and others.


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