When thinking of a wonderful vacation in the hot summer, away from the hustle and bustle of cities and the pressure of work.

Turkish Maldives... Salda Islands

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

When thinking of a wonderful vacation in the hot summer, away from the hustle and bustle of cities and the pressure of work.

When thinking of a wonderful vacation in the hot summer, away from the hustle and bustle of cities and the daily pressures of work, what would come to your mind? Shades of trees with clear water, golden sun, turquoise lagoon, soft white sand beaches and merrily chirping birds in the background of this scene. This is not a fantasy. In Turkey, the opportunity to obtain that is certainly available. Such holidays can be found in the Turkish Maldives ... Salda Islands .


Where are the Salda Islands located in Turkey?

The Turkish Maldives ( Salda ) is located in the Yesilova district of Burdur state in southwestern Turkey. The Salda Lake area is 3 km from the center of the capital in the Yesilurfa region, 159 km from the state of Antalya, and 96 km from the state of Denizli. .

Lake Salda is one of the deepest lakes in the world, with a depth of 185 meters, because it was formed from a volcanic eruption. 38 different types of birds.

Last year a protected area was declared 295 km around Lake Salda. Construction work was also prohibited 500 to 600 meters from the shore of the lake, except for facilities related to bathing and places of worship. The number of visitors to the Salda Islands during the past year 2019 exceeded one million and 400 thousand people.


Why are the islands of Lake Salda called the Turkish Maldives?

The Salda Islands were known as the Turkish Maldives because of their resemblance to the Maldives in terms of picturesque nature , sparkling clear waters and fine white sand beaches.


What makes the Salda Islands so special? What are the activities that can be practiced in it?

The Salda region is characterized by wonderful natural scenes through its beaches and white sands that reflect on the very clear waters.

- The beaches of the Salda Islands are among the therapeutic beaches in Turkey , and the lake is usually used for therapeutic purposes because of the properties of its waters that remove pain and soreness of bones and joints.

- Lake sand can be used as a treatment for the skin through mud baths.

There are a number of distinctive tourist resorts in the Salda Islands region.

- Bicycling events and annual competitions are held for amateurs of this sport.

- In the Salda Islands , you will have the opportunity to practice water boating

- In the area there are parachute jumping activities.

- The clear waters of Lake Salda are an unparalleled opportunity for swimming and snorkeling enthusiasts.

- Thanks to the clean air and soft white sand in the beaches of Salda, walking, running, yoga, morning sports and beach volleyball matches are very enjoyable activities for its visitors.

- Lake Salda is one of the two places that have similar advantages with Mars in the world, and the second place is located in Canada.

The Salda area receives camping lovers, as it includes a number of places designated for camping for tourists, and it is also possible to stay in wooden huts as well.

The Salda Islands provide a great opportunity for photography lovers, where they can take the most beautiful pictures of the scenes that combine the turquoise color of the lake with the emerald color of the trees and the shine of the white sands of its beaches.

- The movement of the clouds can be seen very closely, especially when the weather is clear, due to its presence at an altitude of 1880 m.

For bird lovers, there is an opportunity to enjoy the activity of watching birds, as the Salda Islands host 38 different species.


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