When you tour the cities of Turkey, you will find Ottoman mosques spread everywhere, beside Roman castles.

The fate of tourism in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

When you tour the cities of Turkey, you will find Ottoman mosques spread everywhere, beside Roman castles.

Turkey has a long history dating back to the Stone Age, through the Byzantine, Roman and Greek eras, to the Ottoman era, with a wonderful coastal nature due to its view of four main coasts: the Mediterranean coast, the Black Sea, the Sea of ​​Marmara, and the Aegean Sea, which is the knot that connects the rope of East and West, a mixture From each of them, two connected continents in which all customs dissolve to bring out to us a special layer of historical and cultural heritage, and Byzantine architecture illustrated with Arabic words. Every time you set foot in Istanbul, you will feel that it is your first time in Turkey. When you roam in the cities of Turkey, you will find Ottoman mosques spreading Everywhere beside Roman castles, Byzantine churches and Greek buildings are in wondrous harmony. Everything in Turkey has a story, and life there is fast, but there is certainly always room for a cup of tea, in a beautiful house overlooking a landscape, and there is a mosque in which the soul sings.

In recent years Turkey has become a global destination for tourism . In 2017, Turkey ranked eighth in the world, with approximately 37.6 million tourists, after the United Kingdom, and in 2019, more than 31 million tourists entered Turkey.

You will rarely find another country that competes with the tourist cities of Turkey with its civilizational and cultural diversity, as it provides you with natural places, historical monuments, coastal resorts and ski centers.

However , the tourism sector around the world has been affected since last March, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, and international measures to prevent the spread of this virus, including closing borders and imposing restrictions on movement across borders.

However, Turkey was able to succeed in combating the Corona virus on its soil and its spread to a very large degree. During two months of the epidemic, Turkey proved its efficiency in dealing with the virus outbreak through numbers that show a decrease in the number of new infections and deaths. To pave the way for the opening of the tourist season for this year, Turkey has begun preparations to ensure a charming and safe season at the same time through a large and exceptional package of preventive, security, health and service measures that can reduce the risk of infection with the Corona virus to the lowest possible degree, through the examination system and the application of prevention conditions. New travel, social distancing rules, and sanitary requirements on planes, hotels, resorts, beaches, and parks.

Turkey ranked first among the fastest tourist destinations , which can recover after the end of the epidemic.

Where the Turkish Ministry of Tourism launched the "Health Tourism Certificate Program" by setting important standards related to hygiene and health conditions, and the rules of social divergence, according to which a certificate is issued confirming the commitment of hotels, restaurants and resorts, and proving their commitment to safety standards from the spread of the Corona virus, provided that the places' regulations are announced. Which obtained this certificate through the website of the ministry that manages the project in cooperation with the ministries of foreign affairs, interior, transportation, health, representatives of the tourism sector in the country, and specialized international institutions.

The program relies on 4 basic pillars: the health and safety of the traveler, the health and safety of the worker, the measures taken in the facilities, and the measures taken in the means of transport, and through it the cleanliness and health safety standards in aircraft, airports, hotels and restaurants are documented.

On the other hand, all buses, trains, and planes, internally and externally, will operate with only 50% of their capacity for passengers, and an empty seat will be left between each passenger and the other, and the temperatures of all travelers and those entering airports and planes will be measured with thermal cameras or remote inspection devices, while following Accurate sterilization procedures, and wearing masks will be compulsory on all flights, in addition to enhancing the completion of travel procedures electronically without the need to wait in lines or seek assistance from airport or airline employees.

New procedures will be followed to prevent any congestion or queues during boarding and disembarking from aircraft, and passengers will board based on a serial number so that passengers start entering the back seats and are sequentially removed from the front seats to ensure that there is no contact between passengers, and it will also prevent the entry of luggage to the planes and will be allowed Only with a small hand baggage, provided that the weight allowed to be brought into the aircraft’s external storage is increased. Those accompanying the farewell or reception will not be allowed to enter the airport halls.

In addition to the preventive measures that will be applied to all travelers, travelers coming from more dangerous areas and the most prevalent for the Corona virus will be subject to much higher health control, and special gates will be allocated for them at airports, and their safety will be ensured in all possible ways.

With these measures, Turkey remains at the forefront of the list of the most attractive tourist countries .


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