We will learn about the most important means of transportation and communication in the Turkish city of Istanbul and what those resources contain.

Transportation guide available in Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

We will learn about the most important means of transportation and communication in the Turkish city of Istanbul and what those resources contain.

The city of Istanbul, which has a large area and many regions, has the European and Asian parts, and as a result of this expansion and plurality, it needs a complete transportation network in order to be able to connect the city’s east with its west and connect all regions in it with its Asian and European parts. We will learn about the most important means of transportation and communication in the Turkish city of Istanbul And the contents of these transportation of many advantages.

What types of transportation are there in Istanbul , Turkey?

-First tramway:

Tram Fay is a means of transport that characterizes the city of Istanbul, in general it is a very famous train in that city, and it is characterized by the speed of moving from one place to another more than regular buses , but it has its own characteristics as it stops at traffic lights, the Fay tram has four lines of the line The first connects Taksim and Shishani, as for the second line, it connects Kadikoy and the Moda region. As for the third line, it connects Habib Lara and Topkapi, and finally the fourth line is a means of connecting between Bagcilar and Kabatas. It turns out that this means of transportation Its main goal is easy access to the tourist areas in Istanbul , as it facilitates access to the markets , as it serves tourists in the first place, as it is their main dependence, and all the lines it works on are areas that attract tourists and are their main target.

- Metrobus:

It is a means of transportation of the fast type in which the city of Istanbul is famous in general and is considered one of the longest lines in it, and the MetrobusIt is not affected by the congestion that usually occurs, as there is one in the going line and another in the return line, and there are many buses operating on the Metrobus line. The first bus runs from Cevizli Bagh and to the Beylikduzu Son Durak area, while the second bus that operates on this line connects between Avcilar and the district Sogutlu Cesme, and the third bus runs from Zincirlikoyu and Sogutlu Cesme. As for the fourth bus, it connects between Zincirlikoyu and Avcilar, and the fifth bus connects Beylikduzu Son Durak and Sogutlu Cesme, and the last bus runs between Zincirlikoyu and Uzuncair. If it turns out that the buses Which operates on the Metrobus line six round trips, its daily trips exceed nearly four thousand trips, and one of the advantages of the Metrobus line is that you can reach any area you want in Istanbul easily, and in the event that you lose what you want, you can converge with other means other than the Metrobus, as it is easy and gives you Convenience thanks to the speed it offers.


This is a common means among the countries of the modern world in general, so when we say the subway , that is, we will be on a short trip underground, in Turkey this type of transportation contains six lines that we will get to know in detail, the first line is the old Taksim line in and this line passes through several important points Such as Sisli and Taksim. As for the second line of the subway, it is the Olympic line. The third line is the Aksaray metro, which also passes through several stations such as Otogar, Omniyat al-Fatih and Zeytinburnu. The fourth line of the subway is located in the Asian section of Istanbul and connects Kadikoy and Tavshan. Tapph, as for the fifth line, it is the shortest of them all, it includes only four stations, and the last line is called Marmaray, and it is the most distinguished among all the previous lines, as it is a subway that passes under the Bosphorus Strait, in addition to linking the Asian side with the European one.

Buses or buses in Istanbul:

And this means of transportation is common and recognized in the whole world, and it is absolutely necessary and indispensable, especially if the need is to move for a close distance. As for Istanbul, there are two types of it. The peak of the day, while the other type is called minibuses, which are smaller than the first type.

Private car:

Also , there are private cars wherever you go, as they are very old and are considered the fastest of all transportation, as they only carry one person, so they go directly to their destination without stopping or slowing down, and they are also terribly available.

Water vessels:

This means of transport is also officially recognized, and in the city of Istanbul , it connects the two parts of the city, so there are no barriers that prevent it at all. It is not only a means of transportation, but we can consider it a tourist entertainment factor. The two thousand passengers, and it is the same as many other means of transport, passing through several stations, up to four stations.

How much is the cost of boarding by public transportation in Istanbul?

In the beginning, a card is issued for which you pay a certain amount of money and use it for all means of any kind, except for minibuses and some private cars. They also do not accept dealing with them. As for their cost, they vary according to each type of them, and in general they may reach two hundred Turkish liras per month on an average.

Istanbul is one of the cities that contains a huge number of transportation, both traditional and completely opposite, and it is smooth and easy to ride on board without any crowds or other difficulties.



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