One of the distinctive Turkish places called the Black Sea Bride for its magnificence and beauty .

Amasra, the bride of the Black Sea.

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

One of the distinctive Turkish places called the Black Sea Bride for its magnificence and beauty .

One of the distinguished Turkish places.. called the Bride of the Black Sea due to its magnificence and beauty.. Turkish Amasra is God's paradise on earth, and a destination for residents and tourists of different sects and races...
Learn about Turkish Amasra in the following lines...
location and view 
Amasra is a peninsula located on the coast of the Black Sea, northwest of Turkey, about 430 km from Istanbul. And given that Amasra is a peninsula, it is full of various marine activities and stunning views. 

Boztepe hill, and Gökdara waterfall in Amasra - Turkey..
If you want to enjoy a stunning view of Amasra.. all you have to do is look at it from the top of Boztepe hill.. which is distinguished by its permanent greenery and stunning natural beauty.. and Boztepe hill is teeming with restaurants , cafes, and various tourist stations .
As for the Gok Dara waterfall, it is one of the most wonderful things that nature has made in Amasra.. and is distinguished by its therapeutic importance.. as it is an extension of one of the hot springs.

And there are a lot of other natural features gathered in Amasra..we mention the Amasra mountain crater, Gorek Luk cave, which reaches a length of (170) meters, the Byzantine castle of Güzelca Hisar...where you sail on a journey through time through this historical castle, And beautiful natural sights.

Historical monuments in Amasra, Turkey.
In addition to Güzalca Hisar Castle, there are many ancient villages in Amasra, which still exist and preserve their heritage and narrow alleys, and the traditional Turkish style. There is the Fatih Mosque, which was built in the Ottoman era, and the historic Amasra market. The Amasra Theatre, the Museum and... 

Tourist stations in Turkish Amasra.
In addition to the aforementioned historical places that are considered basic tourist destinations .. Amasra is full of various tourist facilities, to meet the needs and requirements of tourism, there are many restaurants, hotels, cafes, hotel apartments, various monuments ... and fabulous sea views of Hassan and pomp.

Also, there are a lot of marine activities, including skiing, swimming, and sailing. 

Real estate and tourism investment in Amasra...a fruitful investment!
In view of all of the above factors and elements, they constitute a fertile ground for real estate and tourism investments .. The support provided by the government to the Turkish real estate sector helps in this.. One of the most important mentions in this regard is the granting of Turkish citizenship by the Turkish government through real estate investment in Turkey .. Reducing taxes and encouraging real estate investment movements in Turkey .
Investment projects in the real estate and tourism sector in Turkey are considered successful and fruitful projects, and they attract a segment of large investors from around the world, due to the availability of basic and natural ingredients, competitive prices, and the availability of real estate companies.Which provides a lot of services from the moment of starting the idea of ​​​​investing in Turkey , until after that ..
Amasra .. a distinctive piece of Turkish land, welcomes all its visitors from tourists and investors .. and receives them with all its capabilities and aesthetics ... it is The beautiful Black Mermaid! .



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