Recently, the amendments to the Turkish laws regarding the movement of Arab investments have increased, and this is

The facilities of investment laws in Turkey draw the attention of traders to it

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Recently, the amendments to the Turkish laws regarding the movement of Arab investments have increased, and this is

Recently, the amendments to the Turkish laws regarding the movement of Arab investments have increased, after achieving great growth through investing in those joint-stock and joint-stock companies with special legislation, limited liability companies in Turkey, and real estate in Turkey .

As the percentage of investments in Turkey increased in recent years from 8% to 16%, which is considered the second rate in foreign investment after Russian investment, as Turkey has turned into an important center for attracting Arab investors due to the volume of economic growth, which reaches a maximum of 6% annually. Therefore, the encouragement of the Turkish government and the amendment of its financial and administrative systems in real estate investment .

The amended Turkish laws provide remarkable facilities for foreign investors, as they give newly established companies an opportunity that extends from six months to a full year to arrange their trade before being presented to tax accountability and before achieving the formula of "five Turkish employees for every foreign employee."

However, the most prominent headlines of Turkey's attraction to Arab capital is the amendment of the Turkish Nationality Law, which reduced the value of foreign investment in Turkish real estate from one million to 250 thousand liras (227.5 thousand dollars) in return for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

The amendment to the Naturalization Law also provides for the possibility of granting Turkish citizenship to those who deposit amounts in the Turkish treasury of about $500,000 or through the employment of about 50 Turkish workers in an investment owned by a foreigner in Turkey.

Advantages of investing in Turkey
The distinguished geographical location and capabilities that Turkey possesses, in addition to an ambitious vision for the year 2023, giant infrastructure projects, and commercial and industrial production projects, have made Turkey a great investment opportunity for investors looking for areas with a safe, stable, clear and stable economic horizon. Investment in Turkey
includes wide areas, from infrastructure to real estate, through various industries. The investment legislation in Turkey is described as easy and compatible with international standards, and it also achieves equal treatment for all investors. The high rate of population growth in major cities was noted within the investments in the real estate sector , and thus plays a vital role in increasing the size and number of new real estate projects that are established.

The investment law in Turkey granted the right to citizens of 183 countries, including a number of Arab countries, especially the Gulf countries, to invest in real estate in Turkey , thus giving foreigners an investment opportunity to contribute to this architectural activity.

Why invest in Turkey?
Some people wonder about the secret of choosing Turkey to invest in it, although an individual can invest in his country successfully, but Turkey has several advantages that make it a unique country for investment, and among these reasons.
Low taxes:
Low corporate income tax from 33% to 20%. Technological development zones, free and industrial zones are characterized by tax incentives and benefits. There is a total or partial exemption from corporate income tax. Turkey is characterized by laws that support innovation, research and development.
Infrastructure in Turkey:
The infrastructure in Turkey is characterized by high-tech, developed in all things that a successful investment needs, such as transportation, remote communication, and advanced maritime transport facilities, and it is characterized by its low cost.
They also have the distinction of transporting goods by rail to central and eastern Europe.
The transportation routes are smooth, connecting them with most of the European Union countries.
Successful Turkish Economy:
The GDP has more than tripled to $800 billion in 2014, up from $231 billion in 2002. The
growth of the economy is very stable in Turkey due to the annual rate of GDP, which has an average growth of 4.7%. Between 2012 and 2014, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute.
Turkey is the 16th largest economy in the world and the 6th largest in the European Union in 2013. It has a vibrant and mature private sector with exports of $158 billion, an increase of 250% from 2004 to 2014.


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