Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most important types of investments in Turkey, and the.

Rights of foreign investors in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most important types of investments in Turkey, and the.

Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most important types of investments in Turkey , and the Turkish government has given this sector a great deal of importance , by providing support through many laws and facilities , which are a strong attraction for investors .

What are the rights granted by the Turkish government to foreign investors in Turkey?
Obtaining real estate residence in Turkey ..
The Turkish government grants the right to real estate residence within the Turkish state , to everyone who buys real estate in Turkey, regardless of its price, and this entails several rights, the most important of which is: the right to enter and exit Turkey throughout the residence period without the need for a visa That is, (entry visa), away from fears of residency cancellation as long as the property is registered in the investor's name.
Also, the right to move between the different Turkish states and cities, through any means of transportation or airport, and the resident investor has the right to benefit from all the powers and rights associated with being a resident investor in Turkey, and the option of renewing residence is available as long as the property is registered in your name.
This residency is also granted to the investor and his family members (husband or wife and children under eighteen years of age).
The importance of residency in Turkey by purchasing a property has emerged, especially after the emphasis on renewing tourist residency by the Department of Wishes, as Turkish residency through real estate ownership has become an important motive, in addition to being a right.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment and buying real estate ..
The issue of obtaining Turkish citizenship remains a strong desire for many investors, especially since the way to obtain it is no longer arduous and tiring, but rather simple and easy.
The law on obtaining Turkish citizenship includes granting citizenship to foreign real estate investors when they purchase a property with a value of at least 250 thousand US dollars, or the equivalent of this value, according to the exchange rate.
The property is not required to have any specific conditions or specifications, so whatever the type of property (villa, apartment, land...) you are a candidate for Turkish citizenship, as long as the value of the property is equal to the specified value, and also the real estate is not required to be combined in a state Or a city, you can buy more than one property in more than one state..
And the government has opened offices dedicated to coordination between the Turkish ministries, to facilitate the matter of obtaining Turkish citizenship for the foreign investor.
It is worth noting that, with regard to the issue of obtaining Turkish citizenship, it is required to accept citizenship and real estate investment that the investor's nationality is not included in the following list of prohibited nationalities: Armenia, North Korea, Syria.
The reason for the ban is due to old historical disputes or agreements, as the ownership of real estate by these nationalities in Turkey is contrary to the national security of Turkey.

And there are many other rights related to real estate investment operations in Turkey, which every foreign investor in Turkey should be aware of and familiar with the details of, including that the construction company is responsible for any default, defect or defect during the first five years of building the property Unless the defect was caused by the user, and the buyer has the right to hold this company accountable legally, if it is confirmed that this defect occurred with the intent of fraud, and on condition that the defect is discovered within the specified period (5 years), and the construction company is obligated to implement all its publications and Her statements regarding the property .. In the event of a dispute, the buyer has the right to terminate the sale contract and recover the full amount of money he paid ....
There are many other details related to the rights of foreign investors , which have been allocated to ensure the successful conduct of the purchase and investment process and moral.
Every investor should be surrounded by this information, and know his rights and duties to the fullest.



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