Turkey, with its strategic location surrounding the seas from three directions, and its rich history of.

Investing and obtaining Turkish citizenship

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey, with its strategic location surrounding the seas from three directions, and its rich history of.

Turkey, with its strategic location surrounding the seas from three directions, its history full of events, and its antiquities, all of this had the effect and advantage of making Turkey one of the most attractive countries in the world for tourists and investors to buy real estate in Turkey. 

Its great and remarkable development in the last fourteen years in many different fields has made it a destination for those looking for residency and stability in this region.

Advantages of real estate investment in Turkey:

Investing in Turkish real estate is  a safe environment to face exchange fluctuations, as you will not be afraid of a change in the exchange rate because the real estate price is fixed and does not change, but rather increases.

Turkish laws are concerned with attracting foreign investments, and they also offer many facilities to the investor, such as tax exemption.

There is political and social stability in Turkey, and the rates of Arab immigration to Turkey have increased in recent years, and are expected to increase in the coming years.

The connection of the real estate sector with the tourism and labor sectors, because the demand of tourists to Turkey means an increase in the demand for renting apartments in Turkey, or tourist villas in Turkey , and even buying real estate in Turkey as well.

The real estate investment sector in Turkey benefits from inflation, as an increase in inflation means an increase in the prices of real estate in Turkey , so it is considered one of the distinctive investments in stagnant markets.

The real estate investor obtains an investor residence, which means many advantages. Turkey encourages real estate investment and the purchase of real estate and apartments in Turkey  in a large way, and works to attract them in various ways.

There are many reasons for the steady increase in the request for Turkish citizenship through investment opportunities, including:

Due to the current economic situation in Turkey and the depreciation of the Turkish lira, real estate prices in Turkey have witnessed a sharp decline. This situation allows foreign investors reasonable and highly feasible investment opportunities. Where one can now buy facilities, hotels, petrol stations, hospitals or luxury residences, without spending huge amounts of money.

– The investor no longer needs to submit a title document as a condition for requesting Turkish citizenship through real estate investment , as the sale contract is sufficient. Thus, the investor can buy a property in Turkey based on the engineering plan, or from projects under implementation that are trading at significantly reduced prices.

– The laws do not require real estate investment in a specific type or types of real estate in Turkey , meaning that the foreign investor has the freedom to choose between a wide variety of real estate options in Turkey , such as housing, lands, commercial buildings, and others.

– Although there are some new conditions that impose restrictions on the sale of real estate in installments, it is possible to buy real estate in Turkey without installments.

– Members of the foreign investor’s basic family are granted the right to obtain Turkish citizenship with the investor. The only exception is the investor's children over the age of 18, who will not be able to obtain Turkish citizenship .

– Due to the rapid growth of the economy, the young population and the qualified workforce, Turkey is a good destination for foreign investors who want to establish businesses / projects in it.

Turkey also enjoys well-studied laws for foreign trade and investment, which make it a favorable environment for establishing projects at an effective cost, and help the investor to meet the requirements of work and customers in global markets with complete ease.

It seems that the recent step taken by the Turkish government to facilitate the conditions required for foreign investors wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship has aroused the interest of investors, especially Arabs.

This interest indicates that Turkey is still seen by many investors as a "safe haven". The current statistics regarding applications for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment appear very promising.

Advantages of Turkish citizenship by investment:

- No minimum residence permit required.

The possibility of disposing of investments and recovering the money after three years.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property is the most diversified way in terms of obtaining Turkish citizenship, where the investor can choose the most appropriate method for him.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport does not take more than four months.

- Government fees and administrative expenses when adding family members to the Turkish citizenship application file are almost non-existent, and thus obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment is the lowest side cost in the world at all.


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