With the escalation of the Corona crisis, and the passage of many months since the doors were closed to movement, tourism and f.

Tourism in Turkey after Corona

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

With the escalation of the Corona crisis, and the passage of many months since the doors were closed to movement, tourism and f.

With the escalation of the Corona crisis and the passage of many months since the closing of the doors to movement and tourism and the imposition of restrictions on travel movement between countries of the world, Turkey was a pioneer in taking all measures that restore prosperity to tourism in it with safe plans, especially as it is considered the sixth most visited country by tourists in the world (received Last year, 52.5 million tourists ), and it is now preparing to receive tourists from various countries of the world, after the Turkish government announced the " Safe Tourism Program ", and Turkish Airlines has recently achieved an advanced position among the five most popular airlines in the world in terms of its continued effectiveness .


What does the safe tourism program in Turkey include?

- Precautionary measures and measures to confront the new Corona virus in Turkish airports, stations and means of transportation in Turkey.

- Issuing a health tourism certificate : It is granted to tourist facilities in Turkey , which will take the necessary preventive and precautionary measures to ensure that visitors and tourists spend a healthy vacation, after passing the examination of accreditation companies. The Turkish government announces on the website of the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency the names of the facilities that have obtained the health tourism certificate and the facilities that are continuing their procedures to obtain this certificate.

Establishing the necessary health standards for obtaining a health certificate: The Turkish government has set 132 standards for hotels and tourist accommodation facilities, in addition to 120 standards for places to serve food and drink, as well as 44 standards for means of transportation and vehicles.

Requiring that workers in tourist institutions and facilities receive training on the emerging coronavirus epidemic in order to grant them a health tourism certificate.

- In the event that a defect is detected, the tourist establishment is warned, and in the event that this defect persists, the health tourism certificate will be withdrawn from it.

Ensure and monitor the health status of all workers in tourist facilities and visitors who frequent them.

- Ensuring the application of safe distances for social distancing in all tourist places and facilities (at least a distance of 1.5 meters must be placed between tables in establishments and 60 cm between chairs).

- Inspection tours of accommodation facilities, food and drink, and hiking and transportation vehicles to ensure the implementation of health safety measures.

- Placing a thermal sensor at the entrance of each facility to measure body temperature, as well as recording biometric facial identifications at one time and following them up.

- Tourist facilities must contain protective masks and clothes, as well as disinfectant equipment and alcohol sterilizers, to ensure that the virus does not spread.

- Advance and complete plans to deal with emergency cases, and prepare isolation places in the event of injuries.

- Ensuring the comprehensive disinfection of all tools used in hotels and restaurants and maintaining their sterilization periodically in addition to sterilizing foods with steam, determining single-use tools, percentages of chlorine and sterilizers in swimming pools, procedures for entering hotels, electronic payment mechanisms and other procedures.

- Determine places to sit on the coasts and beaches, with an area of ​​approximately 9 square meters for each gathering point, in which a maximum of 3 people can sit, and they were determined by wooden poles and ropes to ensure the accuracy of observing the application of safe distances .

- Putting up wall paintings translated into at least three languages ​​in the areas of individuals and public areas, related to the Corona epidemic , and disinfection and sterilization procedures to prevent it.


Through these steps, procedures, and health conditions in aircraft, hotels, resorts, coasts, parks, and others , the tourism sector in Turkey seeks to take into account the utmost levels of prevention from the Corona epidemic, to restore tourism movement in a safe and comprehensive manner, which does not leave the Corona pandemic an opportunity to prevent tourists from enjoying the beauty and charm of tourist holidays in the various regions of Turkey .


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