The value of real estate in Turkey doubles every year as the real estate sector in Turkey provides investment returns.

Real estate wealth is quickly achieved with Turkish investments

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The value of real estate in Turkey doubles every year as the real estate sector in Turkey provides investment returns.

The value of real estate in Turkey doubles every year, as the real estate sector in Turkey provides very profitable investment returns to investors , and today the Turkish real estate market has become one of the strongest and best markets around the world, in terms of both the various opportunities and the achievement of significant profits, and the reason behind this The boom and the most encouraging reasons for investing in the Turkish real estate market are:
the diversity of real estate and the abundance of opportunities:
we can describe the diversity in the Turkish real estate market as ideal, due to the presence of a significant number of huge construction companies in Turkey, which have built hundreds of modern residential complexes in recent years, This is what made TurkeyRich in real estate opportunities and an incubator for various types of real estate and the most beautiful. This allows complete freedom for the investor to choose the property that matches his aspirations and plans and facilitates the process of finding a dream apartment.
Real estate residence:
Whoever buys real estate in Turkey obtains the right to permanent real estate residence in Turkey or renewable tourism residence as it is called, and it is a residence ranging from 6 months to 3 years. In addition to the possibility of granting him the same residency for his first-degree relatives.
 Turkish nationality:
In addition to the naturalization law for foreign investors, which stipulates the granting of Turkish citizenship to every investor who buys a property or more at a value of 250 thousand US dollars, provided that he does not sell it before the passage of 3 years, within a period ranging from 45 to 90 days after preparing the necessary papers and documents to obtain it
. That the investor’s family (his wife and children under the legal age “18”) have the right to obtain Turkish citizenship with him and enjoy the benefits and power of the Turkish passport.
Turkey is an ideal mixture of diverse cultures:
the fascinating cultural diversity and the wide spread of Arab communities in Turkey, specifically in Istanbul , makes it an ideal destination for housing and investment at the same time
. Turkish work.

Among the most important rules of real estate investment are the following:
Achieving wealth from real estate is a long-term decision, and real estate profits are achieved from buying and selling operations.
Real estate revenue yields an opportunity to pay off the mortgage.
The value of real estate increases with time, allowing for the purchase of other real estate.
The lowest interest rates, the longest repayment period, and the lowest down payment are obtained when requesting a bank loan to buy a real estate , given that bankers know that real estate has the lowest risks or losses for the bank.
Mortgage insurance programs must be available.
There are grace periods before mortgage payments begin.
There are tax exemptions on the installments paid on the mortgage.
The property revenues must be greater than the required installments to avoid negative cash flows.

The most suitable time for real estate investment in Turkey:
The most profitable way to invest in real estate in Turkey is to invest in several seasons. However, it is logical to choose some periods, so seasonal advantages and real estate prices are important factors in the investment process. Thus, the appropriate time to invest in Turkey varies, according to the type of real estate investments required.
For example, the spring period is the most profitable period for investing in homes, while the winter period is more suitable for investing in an office or commercial store, and summer is suitable for investing in certain regions such as Bodrum and Antalya, and in the case of investing large sums in private property, the autumn period is the most accurate to do so. With this type of investment, this shows the changes in the ratios of supply and demand according to the seasons. Turkey increases the sales of most of the real estate sector of homes during the spring.



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