Although Istanbul has a wide network of public transportation that connects to any street… 0

Avoid scam taxi drivers in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Although Istanbul has a wide network of public transportation that connects to any street… 0

Although Istanbul has a wide network of public transportation that connects to any street in the city, including trams, buses, and the metro, sometimes you may need to take a taxi to reach your destination faster or to seek rest and tranquility, especially if you are traveling In the company of the family .. How can you overcome the fraud of taxi drivers in Istanbul if you encounter this matter sometimes .. Here are some tips to be careful:

Take official taxis: 

If you have decided to take a taxi in Istanbul to reach your destination, start by searching for official taxis only, and make sure that they are bright yellow and have the word “TAKSİ” printed on the sides and top of the car, so as not to be deceived by the driver, especially since Istanbul includes thousands of Unofficial taxis .

And when you get into the car , make sure that the meter is in it, so that you can pay the required fees without an increase, and even if the driver tells you that the meter is broken, we advise you not to continue and ask him to stop, get out of the car, and choose another taxi .

Also, do not accept that you pay a fixed price for your trip, as this also leads you to pay a higher price than required .

And remember that there is no longer a difference in fare rates during the day or night in Istanbul, and the price remains the same regardless of the time, and some taxi drivers will try to tell you otherwise, which is one of the scams that some tourists have already been exposed to, so always be firm in Talk and do not hesitate .


Fraud when paying the fare:

When riding a taxi in Istanbul, you may be exposed to a common trick, which is to show the driver that he does not have small coins to offer you the rest, in an attempt to earn more money, so always be sure to carry money from the few categories so as not to be subject to this fraud .


Taking you to nearby shops: 

The driver may tell you when talking to you if he can communicate with you in English, for example, and that he is aware of some shopping places that offer tourists the cheapest prices and that he can take you there on the way to your destination . Do not accept the matter because this is one of the most famous tricks not in Istanbul . Not only, but in all destinations of the world, as the driver in that case seeks to obtain some of the money that you will pay from the seller, and you will most likely pay exaggerated prices, especially if it is your first visit to the city .


Carry a map and find out the average price for your trip:

If you are not familiar with the city and want to take a taxi in Istanbul, you should carry a map with you that will be useful for you and your driver, especially since most taxi drivers do not speak English, so it may be difficult to inform them of the name of the street or the hotel, so the map or paper that carries The street name is a good thing, so that the driver does not take you to far places under the pretext of losing the road, which will also lead you to pay higher fees .

Sometimes, even if you tell the driver your destination name correctly, he may take you a longer route than necessary to raise the fare price, although there is not much you can do in this case but it is best for you before you get to know the average fare For the distance you travel, so as not to pay a higher price than required .

There are apps you can use when taking a taxi in Istanbul, including the “BiTaksi” app that will help you find taxis near you, while the “İBB Cep Trafik” app allows you to learn about traffic conditions in the city .



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