Every country around the world has special behaviors that distinguish it and are famous for its presence in it, most of the behaviors are

Customs and etiquette that you should know when living in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Every country around the world has special behaviors that distinguish it and are famous for its presence in it, most of the behaviors are

Every country around the world has special behaviors that distinguish it and are famous for its presence in its midst. Most of the behaviors that the people of society do are primarily due to parents and grandparents, as it is a purely popular heritage, and Turkey is absolutely no exception, as it is among the list of countries that have their own methods and lifestyles, so we can We consider that these traditions are nothing but remnants of the bygone era that has passed away from our days, and these etiquette or traditions, as we can call them, include all areas of life, such as dress, marriage, and so on, among many other things, which we will mention in detail and delve into.

Types of customs and etiquette in Turkey :

First , food etiquette :

This is one of the most important behaviors that we must be alert to, because food in Turkey is like many countries in the world, where it takes the first place in all moves in restaurants and in homes, so there must be laws and controls for the way food is presented, for example when you invite someone to a meal Eating in a restaurant One of the basic rules is not to accept that your guest pays for the food, not even to share with him the price of the meal, as this is a very reprehensible act, and if you order a cup of coffee, you must not drink it until the last sip, and in most cases tea is ordered instead because it is not Very popular among the people of this country.

Manners for calling someone:

In the event that you need to call someone in Turkey, you should call him by his first name, but this name should not be devoid of titles. It is used as a title of doctor, engineer, or professor, and if you go to a restaurant or board a taxi, you will hear the title of regret addressed to your person, as this is a polite way to talk to strangers whom you do not know.

Greeting and meeting etiquette in Turkey:

This is an issue that has a specificity in each country separately, and in Turkey in particular, there is a special protocol for greeting. For example, when entering a meeting room, you have to shake hands with them strongly and warmly, and when you leave it, the handshake is rarely done. On those who are elderly, and then you start greeting those present in a manner that goes against the clock, either to greet and welcome friends or close ones, you can give them a kiss on the cheek, and that you must accept the hand of the elderly in age and put it on your forehead.

Etiquette of communication and establishing relationships with others:

Since the Turks are a commercial country with distinction, and the commercial projects in Turkey are very aggravated, you will need to have a special, ornate and coordinated way in order to communicate with the merchants, and the communication is through an invitation to lunch or dinner, perhaps or a family picnic, and you must also be a courteous person of the first order in order for this to happen. Your trade is absolutely comfortable, in addition to the necessity of having a certain way of talking, such as starting with introductions to the conversation and then entering your topic directly. Your reactions are powerful interactive.

The Turkish bath and its etiquette:

This place is a tourist area in the first place. Most visitors to Turkey visit the Turkish bath emanating from the Roman bath, and some Ottoman touches have been applied to it that were inherited by the Turkish state. When you visit this bath, you must wear a swimming suit and sit in steam baths, and if you like, you will undergo massage sessions .

Etiquette of giving a gift :

It is certain that you will not give someone a gift within the framework of work, so there must be a picnic or a suitable atmosphere to do it, such as an invitation to lunch, and if you are invited to lunch in an apartment in Turkey , you must take a gift with you, and often in Turkey it is sweets Or pastries, and if you wish, you can take a souvenir.

Customs and traditions that take place in the holy month of Ramadan:

Of course, the holy month of Ramadan is a month that has its own atmosphere in all Islamic countries, and Turkey is one of them. For example, one of the customs of receiving it is that sweets and drinks are distributed to children, in addition to the custom of slaughtering sheep and sheep and serving them on huge tables in mosques for all groups of society to eat from, whether they are rich. A poor mother, she brings everyone together at one table.

Customs and traditions are endless, not only in Turkey, but also in all countries around the world. They have multiplied and multiplied, and whenever time turns around, more of these methods will be added to the old list. In Turkey, for example, it becomes clear to us that for everything and every action there are customs and etiquette that you cannot abandon. Rather, you find yourself automatically dealing with its style, according to the view of the majority. It is an urgent necessity that we cannot escape from. Without it, society may be subject to destabilization in its social and cultural pillars, and we will not be able to return it as it was.



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