The list of tourist areas in Turkey is long, where Turkey abounds, and the state of Istanbul is on the

Eminonu Square in Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The list of tourist areas in Turkey is long, where Turkey abounds, and the state of Istanbul is on the

The list of tourist areas in Turkey is long , as Turkey, and the state of Istanbul in particular, is full of various tourist stations, such as museums, monuments, beaches, islands, mosques, temples, tourist resorts, and ...
and in view of the above, and in addition to Several other factors , Istanbul has a very wide international reputation , and it is a destination for tourist trips and tourists from all over the world .
The pleasant climate plays a key role in the tourist activity in Istanbul, where the weather is mild in winter and slightly hot in summer.

Have you ever heard of (Eminonu Square) in Istanbul?
One of the neighborhoods of Istanbul that has great tourist importance, and a very elegant and splendid tourist place, that combines heritage and historical nobility, and the latest services and advanced entertainment programs ...

What is the historical significance of Eminonu Square?
Eminonu Square has been the heart of the walled city of Constantinople since ancient times, for a relatively long time, and it still has many monuments and evidence of its rich history. 
And these monuments and Eminonu Square are considered a real historical treasure in Turkey , which is of interest to many groups who like to learn about ancient cultures and civilizations and penetrate into ancient history.

What are the places and activities included in Eminonu Square?
Among the historical places in Eminonu Square..we mention, the Egyptian market, Mahmoud Pasha market, the Sulaymani mosque and many markets... 
Today this area is full of many nice and quiet cafes, restaurants and hotels, to meet and fill the growing tourist need Resulting from the influx of crowds of tourists...
Eminonu neighborhood also witnesses many different activities...the diverse commercial movement, and the influx of crowds of tourists to it...and there are many governmental and organizational buildings in it...

What are the other tourist attractions in Eminonu? The Spice
is one of the distinctive and quiet markets, where people buy their needs of spices and various seeds, herbs and nuts, roots or seeds of roses and some rare trees. 
Spices, spices and nuts, ladies in particular.

The new mosque is 
one of the important monuments in the Eminonu region. It includes a luxurious heritage of different civilizations. It is an important destination for tourists in the region.

Eminonu Markets 
Shopping is a great pleasure for a large number of residents and tourists, as the Eminonu markets are full of diverse and distinctive goods, and there is also the possibility of buying various goods in bulk, and they are generally characterized by relatively cheap prices for these goods.

Eminonu Port
This port is located in the European part of Istanbul, and it is full of wonderful marine activities, cruises, fishing, etc..., cruises depart from Eminonu Port, and pass through the two regions of the Golden Horn, until they reach the Bosphorus Strait, the narrowest strait in the world.

Galata Bridge
is one of the most famous European landmarks in Istanbul . The view from this bridge is very impressive and beautiful , and there are quiet and elegant restaurants and cafes , and various fishing activities .

The Eminonu Square in Istanbul is an essential destination for many tourists, as the tour companies that organize trips always put the Eminonu Square in the trip plans.
The trip to the Eminonu area and square is one of the trips that live in the memory of everyone who visits it because of its beauty and sophistication.


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