We are witnessing that relatively new shopping malls have parts that enable visitors to enjoy the experience of.

The best shopping malls in Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

We are witnessing that relatively new shopping malls have parts that enable visitors to enjoy the experience of.


Istanbul is one of the biggest points of attraction for shoppers around the world, and it is characterized by the abundance of malls and commercial centers. Although shopping centers were the main attraction when they opened recently, people miss the feeling of outdoor shopping these days. So we are witnessing that relatively new shopping malls have parts that enable visitors to enjoy the outdoor shopping experience even inside the shopping mall. It is natural for people who work from home to want to spend their free time outdoors . Here are the most important shopping centers in Istanbul :

Astoria Mall :

Astoria Mall is one  of the most important shopping centers in Istanbul . It includes a number of leading shops and a number of luxurious restaurants and cafes that serve Turkish food and drink. It also has a swimming pool, a health club, and residences next to the shops .

Aqua Florya Mall:

It is one of the most beautiful and largest shopping centers in Istanbul, and it is located near the former Ataturk International Airport, and it extends along Florya Beach , which is one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul, and it is intended for city residents and tourists, especially in the summer .

Aqua Florya Mall was opened in 2012 on an area of ​​50,000  square meters, in a privileged location that offers charming sea views on Florya Beach, on the European side of Istanbul .
Aqua Florya Mall includes an outdoor amphitheater overlooking the sea, with 900 seats, where many activities, events, concerts and many different entertainment shows are held .
It contains 145 stores of Turkish and international brands, in addition to many restaurants, cafes and cinemas .

There are also eleven cinemas on the upper floor, equipped with the latest technology, showing the latest Turkish and international films for adults and children to suit everyone .

Metro City:

One of the beautiful shopping centers in Istanbul. The center is designed in the form of a subway. The building takes a longitudinal shape, as the metro station is located directly below it . The center consists of twenty-seven floors. The building includes more than 140 shops, and it also houses the most luxurious and famous international brands and international Turkish stores, and there are It has a number of cinemas, restaurants and cafes that are famous for serving non-alcoholic Turkish drinks, popular and traditional Turkish foods and sweets, as well as other international foods .

Mall of Istanbul :

Mall of Istanbul is considered one   of the largest shopping malls in Istanbul (the European side). It contains more than 350 shops of the most important Turkish and international brands, such as the largest store for the Victoria’s Secret brand in Istanbul, and the largest store for the famous Turkish brand Alsiokiki and other beautiful brands that meet all needs. and tastes .

The Mall of Istanbul complex also contains the largest covered city of games that contains a horror house, a racetrack, a large group of games that suit different ages, the largest cinemas, and a variety of restaurants and cafes.

Istanbul ruby :

It includes a shopping center and a place to stay at the same time, and it is the second tallest building in Istanbul consisting of 54 floors, 238 meters high, and contains a number of luxury shops.

Ozdilek Park:

One of the finest shopping complexes in Levent, Istanbul, Europe, with an excellent location next to the Wyndham Hotel.

The mall consists of 4 floors and more than 140 various shops, most of which are famous Turkish brands and very distinctive Turkish brands that do not have many branches in Istanbul.

There is also a very special store in the mall called the Mall, a very large discount store that contains all the family’s needs, including clothes, shoes, and home supplies, such as towels, sheets, and utensils, with high quality and reduced prices.

The mall is characterized by the presence of a large group of restaurants, cafes, cinema, games for children, and an open terrace with a very special sports café.



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