The education system in general in Turkey is subject to the supervision of the state, specifically the Ministry of National Education.

Everything related to the education system in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The education system in general in Turkey is subject to the supervision of the state, specifically the Ministry of National Education.


System Education in general is subject to the supervision of the state in Turkey, specifically the Ministry of National Education in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, as every person has the right to receive education.

Education is compulsory from the age of 6 to 14 years and free in state schools .

The school education system in Turkey consists of three different stages, each stage is 4 years old, and the school education system in Turkey is made up of three different stages, each stage reaching two years.

The first stage is primary (I, II, III and IV).

The second stage is preparatory (fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth).

The last stage is secondary (ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth).



Pre-school education :

Kindergarten education is optional, until it reaches 6 years of age .

Primary education:

About 25% of Turkey's population is at the age of compulsory education. Primary education consists of the compulsory primary stage (4 years) and the intermediate stage consisting of optional and compulsory lessons and schools for imams and preachers (4 years).

Preparatory and elementary schools and schools for preachers and preachers contain various elective lessons aimed at preparing students for their tasks.

Intermediate education:

It includes all technical educational institutions , practical and general, official, not compulsory, with a duration of 4 years and a duration of 4 academic years as well.

Students obtain the educational certificate after completing their studies in these schools.

Intermediate education consists of schools that specialize in teaching certain fields while preserving other fields in a diluted manner. These schools are called by different names according to their specializations, such as secondary schools, technical high schools, agricultural technical high schools, and others.


Types of high schools

General secondary schools :

Any student who succeeds in completing 8 years of basic education can enroll in these schools .

Graduates of general secondary schools, if they pass the university entrance examinations (ÖSS) at the national level, can enter the foundations.

Vocational secondary schools :

Some of these schools may take an additional year to complete. Graduates can join higher vocational schools in their fields of study if they want to .

Alternatively, if they pass the University Entrance Examination, they can enter 4-year universities in University Entrance Halls, they can .


Higher education :

4 years of university, or 2 years of higher vocational institutes. Most universities have an additional year of language study .

Under normal circumstances, master's study lasts 2 years, PhD 3-5 years .

This category includes all educational institutions that will provide post-secondary education.



Types of higher education institutions

Public universities :

The university system in Turkey is governed by the Supreme Education Council (NONE) .

In Turkey there are 104 public universities and 62 private universities .

Apart from public and private universities, 8 higher vocational universities serve the labor market .

University education takes 4 years in universities, but some fields take longer, such as medicine (6 years), in universities, but some fields take .

Turkish high school graduates go directly into fields of study such as medicine, law, and dentistry .

Nominal tuition fees are charged in public universities, where students need to pass the University Entrance Examination (OSS) .

And those who pass the exams and have a little knowledge of the Turkish language consider that they take the cent of Cagliari .

Private universities   :

They are distinguished universities that do not require any admission exams to join them only, as they only accept secondary school certificates.

The universities are among the Turkish private universities in the global ranking of universities and occupies the world level with them, and there are also all the specializations that the student is looking for. Also, the study is available in the Turkish English language, where the first language is that most of the universities for study are 100 % English  .




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