There are many constitutional articles that deal with the issue of military service, and there is the second article.

All about the military service law in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

There are many constitutional articles that deal with the issue of military service, and there is the second article.

The military service law is a common topic among all countries around the world, as it is not limited to the Turkish state only, but not all countries have the same rules pertaining to this issue, as every place has its laws that govern it, there are places where military service is harsh and is not favored by most people, but rather And they hate it, and there are places where military service is easy and simple and takes place within smooth rules. In the following words, we will review the most important provisions of the Turkish constitution in this regard.

What does the Turkish constitution provide for in the field of military service :

There are many constitutional articles that dealt with the issue of military service , and there is the second article of the Military Service Law, which stipulates that those who have Turkish citizenship, even if they are not of the Turkish population, may perform military service in this country, of course, if they are of military service age and join the ranks. Turkish soldiers and officers are the same as the indigenous people in the country, and you, as a foreigner, can be exempted from military service on Turkish soil in the event that the batch that is your age is demobilized.

What is the age at which young men are required to serve in the military in Turkey?

In all countries of the world there is a specific age at which young men are drawn to military service, and wearing this law is valid in Turkey only, but this issue differs from one country to another, so each of them determines the age that suits them, and Turkey had set the age of twenty-one in order to join the military service, and therefore Whoever obtains Turkish citizenship from foreigners and is over the age of twenty-two is considered exempt from military service on Turkish soil, and whoever obtains Turkish citizenship through marriage to a wife of Turkish origin and is considered exempt from military service as well, in the overall view of this issue that from He steps on Turkish soil before he reaches the age of twenty-two and resides in its vastness, as he is obliged to perform its military service, whether he likes it or not.

The possibility of postponing military service in Turkey:

It is certainly the case in Turkey regarding military service, as in many other countries around the world. There is a possibility that the service will be postponed for some groups and under force majeure circumstances. For example, if the person applying for the postponement request has a serious or chronic disease, but this disease is curable after a while. certain period of time, and if this disease lasts for three years or more, he will most likely be exempt from military service permanently, and students who study in schoolsUniversities and intermediate institutes consider postponing service until they finish their educational tasks completely, and the most age allowed for academic postponement is twenty-eight, and there is another group of people who are allowed to postpone, and they are those with scientific research or those who have a talent or a professional sport, for example. This group allows them to postpone until they reach puberty. The age of thirty-five years of age, in addition to those who are tried by the judiciary between its bars, their military service is considered deferred until they are released and the term of their sentence ends, and there is a deferment granted to those who have completed their university education completely, but decided to complete their postgraduate studies.

- Who can be exempted from military service permanently on Turkish soil?

Of course, there are those who are exempted from military service, and these are only a certain category of people. For example, expatriates on Turkish soil or those who have a residence that authorizes their presence there and brought a document confirming that they have carried out this service on the land of their country and on the condition that the government in their country is autonomous, so they are considered exempt from service military entirely.

What is the allowance for Turkish military service?

The case of Turkey in this field is like the case of the whole world, as it has allocated a financial figure that the person concerned pays to the state, and this law is not a modern innovation in it, as it has existed since the era of the Ottoman Empire, but the question that resonates in the minds is whether all groups of society can pay this allowance Instead of going to the military, among the persons who are entitled to pay the allowance are Turkish citizens who have completed eighteen years of age and are present on Turkish lands, and Turkish citizens who reside outside Turkish territory for three consecutive years are entitled to pay the financial allowance, as there are in some Sometimes the Turkish government allows the payment of the financial allowance since reaching the age of twelve, and this, of course, is within certain rules and specific conditions issued by the Turkish state.

What are the procedures for paying the allowance for military service in Turkey?

In the event that you live on Turkish soil, you can submit a request to the military units. If you are outside Turkey, you submit a request through the Turkish consulate in the other country, and the request must be submitted personally, so no one is ever acting on behalf of the person concerned, and the financial value is paid through a bank Existing in Turkey, which amounts to approximately thirty thousand Turkish liras only.

In that quick look at the status of military service in Turkey, we find that it is simple and lenient in its matter, just like many other countries that make it a complicated matter.



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